Check Cashing Apps That Don’t Use Ingo: AnytimeCheck? Waleteros? etc

Ingo Money is a popular smartphone app that allows you to cash a check whenever and wherever you like. Several similar apps also use Ingo’s technology in their own programs. However, there are some check cashing apps, including AnytimeCheck, that do not use Ingo and may give you your money more cheaply or in a more convenient way. Below, we have the list of check cashing apps that don’t use Ingo.

The List of Check Cashing Apps That Don’t Use Ingo

Ingo Money is a prominent check cashing app. In addition to allowing you to deposit a check anywhere in the world with an app, it also allows you to push the funds to linked bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, PayPal accounts, Amazon gift cards, and brick-and-mortar MoneyGram locations. However, the fees start at $5 and ratchet up depending on the size and type of check deposited.

While similar apps such as ACE Mobile Loads and Brink’s Prepaid use some or all of Ingo’s technology, others don’t. Check cashing apps that don’t use Ingo sometimes have lower fees. The following is the list of check cashing apps that don’t use Ingo.


  • Platform(s): Android
  • Deposit location: Linked U.S. bank account
  • Fees: AnytimeCheck fees are package-based rather than charged individually by check. Prices range from about $20 to receive or send 10 checks, up to about $100 to receive or send 75 checks. Combination send-and-receive packages can also be purchased at a lower per-check price. See the full pricing table at AnytimeCheck’s website.
  • Other information: AnytimeCheck is a combined check writing/check-depositing service designed for subscribers to send and receive checks on mobile, web, or phone.

Check Cashing Store

  • Platform(s): iOS
  • Deposit location: Bank account or Momentum Prepaid Debit Card
  • Fees: Fees range from $5 up to 10% of the total check amount, a Check Cashing Store customer service associate said.
  • Other information: The Check Cashing Store app allows you to find Check Cashing Store locations.


  • Platform(s): Android
  • Deposit location: Waleteros Prepaid Visa only
  • Fees: Fees vary depending on whether you select a pay-per-use or pay-by-month schedule. The pay-by-month schedule incurs a monthly fee of about $5, as well as a $2 fee for international ATMs or those not in the “Plus Alliance” ATM network. The pay-by-use schedule charges $1 for card-to-card transfers and PIN purchases, plus $2 for all ATM withdrawals. All customers are subject to $10 card replacement fees, express shipping fees, and balance refund fees. Learn more at the Waleteros website.
  • Other information: Aimed at American residents with relatives in Central America, Waleteros offers one-time $0.99 transfers to various cash-pickup locations in Mexico, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua at the start of each month.

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In Summary

Though some check cashing apps use Ingo Money’s technology, others are completely separate from it. Some of those apps include Waleteros, AnytimeCheck, and Check Cashing Store.