Do you know where to cash a check, free of charge? Do you know how much it will cost you to cash a check when free check cashing is not an option? If not, no worries. We have done the homework for you. Grab your check and keep reading to find a bank, grocery store, or check cashing place that will cash your check and what it’ll cost (if anything).

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Where Can You Cash a Check For Free?

Free check cashing is always available at your bank, even if your bank didn’t issue the check. Plus, some banks, including Citibank and Capital One, afford everyone — not just customers — free check cashing if the check is drawn on their bank.

You may go to a Kmart store in CT, DE, GA, NJ, NV, PA, PR, PC, WA, and GU to cash your check, free of charge. If you live close enough to drive across state lines to the nearest Kmart in another state, you still can cash your check at no charge. Reference Kmart’s list of stores with cash checking services to find a store near you that cashes checks.

What to Know About Check Cashing Fees

Most check cashing fees do not exceed $8. The most expensive checks to cash are personal checks because fees usually reflect their higher default risk. Grocery and big box stores typically have reasonable fees. The lowest check cashing rates are available at Kmart, which charges only $0.50 in RI and IL, and $1 in most states. Giant Food Stores, Walmart, and Winn-Dixie also charge low fees ranging from $1 to $3 for checks under $50, and $6 or $8 for checks over $50.

Check cashing stores may charge a minimum fee at $3 or more, but most fees are calculated as a percentage of the total check amount. Your fee will be proportional to the check amount, so you’ll pay a higher fee for a larger check. Sometimes stores charge a fee in addition to the percentage-based fee.

Stores and check cashing places may have more flexibility than banks. It may be worth your time to ask the store manager for a discount. For example, we contacted The Check Cashing Store to inquire about fees and free check cashing. A live chat representative explained how “in some situations” the store manager may discount check cashing fees based on a particular customer’s history with the store, “or if it is warranted by a specific situation.” You may get a discount, but not free cashing.

Check limits also affect whether you can cash your check. Most grocery stores and big box stores, and some banks and check cashing stores, have upper limits on the amount of the check and can’t cash very large checks. The lowest limits on check size are $500, while other stores have limits of $2,000 or even $5,000. Sometimes, limits vary within the same company. We learned from a Check Into Cash store in Cleveland, Ohio, for example, how their check cashing limit depends on how much money they happen to have in the store — the check limit may be different if you go to the same store a few days later. Contact your local store to avoid information gaps.

Table of All Check Cashing Locations and Fees

Follow the link provided in the table for further details.

Check Cashing Fees at Banks and Credit Unions

All fees listed below for banks and credit unions are for non-account holders cashing checks not drawn on that bank. Most banks charge no fees for account holders or for checks drawn on their bank.

1. Bank of America

2. Bank of the West

  • Check cashing fee: Free if your check is under $50; if the check is greater than $50, there is a $7.50 fee
    • This fee is waived if you are under 18 years old, cashing a Bank of the West cashier’s check, or cashing a check from a government agency with a Bank of the West deposit account.
  • Source: Bank of the West Fee Schedule
  • Find your nearest Bank of the West

3. BB&T

4. BMO Harris Bank

5. Capital One

6. Chase Bank

7. Chartway Federal Credit Union

8. Citibank

9. Citizens Bank

10. Connexus Credit Union

11. Fifth Third Bank

12. First National Bank

13. Key Bank

14. M&T Bank

15. Mountain America Credit Union

16. Navy Federal Credit Union

17. PenFed Credit Union

18. PNC Bank

19. Regions Bank

20. SunTrust

21. TCF Bank

22. TD Bank

23. US Bank

24. Wells Fargo

Check Cashing Fees at Check Stores Companies

25. ACE Cash Express

26. Advance Financial (Tennessee)

27. Amscot

28. Check Into Cash

29. Check ’N Go

30. Check Smart (AZ, IN, KA, KE, MI, MO, OH, UT, VA)

31. Friendly Check Cashing (North Carolina)

32. Money Mart

33. Pay-O-Matic

34. PLS Check Cashing

35. Speedy Cash

36. The Check Cashing Store (Florida)

37. United Check Cashing

38. USA Check Cashing Store (California)

Check Cashing Fees at Grocery Stores

39. Albertsons

40. Baker’s

41. City Market

42. Country Mart

43. Dillons

44. Food Lion

45. Fred Meyer

46. Giant Food Store

47. Giant Eagle

48. H-E-B Grocery

49. Hy-Vee

50. King Soopers

51. Market Basket

52. Meijer

53. Price Chopper

54. Publix

55. Ralphs

56. Safeway

57. Shaw’s

58. Schnuks

59. Tops Friendly Markets

60. QFC (Quality Food Centers)

61. WinCo

  • Check cashing fee: $5 token fee for checks up to $500, $10 token fee for checks above $500. These token fee amounts can then be used toward for in-store purchase.
  • Source: WinCo’s FAQs
  • Find your nearest WinCo

62. Winn-Dixie

Check Cashing Fees at Other Places

63. Kmart

64. Pilot/Flying J Travel Centers

65. Walmart

In Summary

You have a lot of options to cash a check if you do not have a bank account or can’t get to your nearest bank’s branch. The more than 60 stores listed here have thousands of locations that will assist you with check cashing for a reasonable fee. On occasion, you might be able to cash a check for free, especially if you cash it at the bank that holds the account the check was drawn on. Otherwise, grocery stores usually have the most affordable check cashing fees, followed by some banks. Check cashing stores usually have the highest fees, especially if you’re cashing a personal check.