The Check Cashing Store Fees: Check Cashing, Money Orders, Loans, etc

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Short Answer

The Check Cashing Store offers various money services — often for a fee. For example, fees for payday loans start at $15 for the first $100 financed. And, to purchase a money order, you’ll be charged $0.69. Find more details of The Check Cashing Store fees below.

The Check Cashing Store Fees

The Check Cashing Store, a subsidiary of Money Mart Financial Services, offers consumer loans, check cashing, and other money services. To find out what fees The Check Cashing Store typically charges, we contacted Money Mart’s corporate office, chatted with a Check Cashing Store agent via live chat, and called several store locations in the state of Florida — the only state where The Check Cashing Store currently operates.

Check Cashing Fees

The Check Cashing Store typically charges a check cashing fee of about 3.5% of the amount of the check, a Money Mart corporate customer service representative told us. But, we were told that fees vary by location.

When we called The Check Cashing Store locations to confirm this information, we found that stores often charge varying fees depending on the type of check. We were given the following rates by three different store locations:

  • Government checks: 3% of the check amount
  • Insurance checks: 3% of the check amount
  • Payroll checks: 5% of the check amount
  • Personal checks: 10% of the check amount

To be sure, you’ll want to contact your local Check Cashing Store to find out how much it charges to cash a check. Keep in mind, in order to cash a check at The Check Cashing Store, you’ll need a valid photo ID.

See our related research for information about maximum fees by state and at different check cashing locations.

Other Money Services Fees

The Check Cashing Store lists fees for the following services on its website:

  • Money orders: Purchase a money order up to $500 and pay a $0.69 fee; to cash an unused money order, you’ll pay a $2 fee
  • Money transfers: Fees vary; Western Union sets the fees for money transfers
  • Payday loans: Loans up to $500 with fees starting at $15 for every $100 borrowed
  • Prepaid Mastercards: There is a $10 activation fee and a $10 monthly fee associated with the Momentum Prepaid Mastercard available at The Check Cashing Store. Other fees include transaction fees, ATM fees, and more; find fee information on the Momentum website. To apply for or purchase a Momentum Prepaid Mastercard, you’ll need to visit your nearest The Check Cashing Store.

More Information

For information on fees at other stores, see our articles on the fees at PLS Check Cashing, fees at Check ‘n Go, and United Check Cashing fees.


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