Is There a Cheesecake Factory Military Discount? Answered

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The Cheesecake Factory does not officially offer a military discount at its restaurants. We confirmed this by contacting corporate customer service representatives for the restaurant chain.

It’s important to note that each Cheesecake Factory in the U.S. is company-owned (not franchised), which means its policies are likely to be uniform across most locations, though individual store owners may establish some of their own policies.

A few customers have reported online that they received a military discount at a Cheesecake Factory location, but these reports are rare.

You can call ahead to the location that you are planning to visit to check its discount policy. The manager of that location will be able to confirm whether or not that location offers a military discount.

The Cheesecake Factory currently has licensing agreements with three companies to operate stores outside of the United States in the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia. While getting a U.S. military discount abroad is rare, it does happen, especially near U.S. military bases — so if you’re planning to visit one of these locations, you might want to contact it in advance to find out about its discounts as well.

For other ways to save at the Cheesecake Factory, you can sign up to receive the company’s promotional emails.

Who is Eligible for Military Discounts?

Many restaurants limit eligibility for military discounts to active-duty service members or soldiers in uniform. Some also extend it to family members, veterans, Reservists, and other government personnel.

Because The Cheesecake Factory has no companywide discount policy, your best course of action is to call the location to inquire about eligibility.

Other Restaurants With Military Discounts

While they may not specialize in cheesecake, there are several other similar restaurants in the U.S. that offer a military discount — typically around 10% to 20% — if you show a valid military ID.

A few of these include:

  • 99 Restaurant:┬áDiscount to all service members and veterans
  • Acapulco: Discount if in uniform or with military ID
  • Applebee’s: Discount varies by location; call ahead to confirm. Must have a military ID.
  • Cracker Barrel: Discount at manager’s discretion — call ahead to confirm.
  • Hard Rock Cafe: Discount varies by location
  • Longhorn Steakhouse: Discount with military ID
  • Texas Roadhouse: Discount with military ID

As with Cheesecake Factory locations, you can call ahead to confirm a specific location’s policies.

For more savings, see our list of the best military discounts.


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  • bud

    I know it is fast food but almost all Hardee’s restaurants give a military discount of 10%

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Rebecca Turley

      Hi Bud,

      Thanks for this valuable information! We have confirmed this and added it to our article that details federal employee discounts. Check out all the discounts members of the military are eligible for here.

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