Can You Get Cash Back with Chime SpotMe? Answered

While Chime’s SpotMe program allows you to make overdraft transactions with your debit card (up to a certain limit) without paying additional fees, it is unlikely that you will be able to get cash back using SpotMe.

With the Chime SpotMe program, you can use your debit card to make purchases that overdraft your checking account, up to your predetermined overdraft limit.[1] However, in order to use the SpotMe program, you must be making a “qualifying debit card purchase” — it will not work for things like ATM withdrawals or ACH transfers.[2] Requesting cash back at the register can function more like a withdrawal than a purchase. For this reason, your transaction may be denied if you try to use the Chime SpotMe program to get cash back (even if the amount you request is under your overdraft limit).[1]

Customers report varying success using SpotMe to get cash back, so it may depend on the individual store’s point-of-sale system and how it processes transactions (i.e., if it processes a cash-back withdrawal separately or as a single purchase). If it processes the cash-back request separately, Chime will likely deny the transaction.

How SpotMe Works

SpotMe allows Chime account holders with monthly direct deposits of $500 or more an overdraft cushion of a set amount. Your SpotMe overdraft limit will start at $20 and may increase over time (up to $100) based on your account history and activity.[3]

There are no fees for using SpotMe; Chime will simply deduct the overdrawn amount from your next direct deposit. Chime will automatically decline any transaction at a store checkout that would take your Chime account beyond your individual overdraft limit.[3]

Note that SpotMe only covers debit card transactions; it does not cover the following:[3]

  • ACH transfers (including Venmo and Square Cash)
  • ATM withdrawals
  • Chime checkbook transactions
  • Pay Friends transfers