Citizens Bank ATM & In-Person Cash Withdrawal Limits

Exterior of a Citizens Bank branch with close-up logo sign

Short Answer

Citizens Bank ATMs allow withdrawals of up to $500 per day. There is no set maximum for in-person withdrawals.

ATM Withdrawals

According to Citizens Bank customer service, the Citizens Bank ATM withdrawal limit is $500 per day. This ATM limit is in place to protect against fraud and other security concerns. You may, however, contact your local branch to request permission to increase the maximum cash withdrawal limit. Your ability to withdraw more is based on your account type. The higher level account type you have (e.g., a Citizens Bank Platinum Plus Checking account is a higher-level account than a Citizens Bank Platinum Checking account), the more money you can request to withdraw.

  • Citizens Bank ATM limit: $500. You can request to withdraw more by contacting your local branch. At that point, the additional amount you may withdraw varies based on your account type. The daily limit is an amount limit, so there is no limit on the number of withdrawals you make per day, provided the total withdrawn doesn’t exceed the $500 daily limit.
  • Contact: Call (800) 922-9999 or log in to Online Banking and send a message.

If you’re not a Citizens Bank account holder but wish to withdraw from a Citizens Bank ATM, you may do so. Keep in mind that the withdrawal limit is set by the bank associated with your ATM card, so you should contact your bank — not Citizens Bank — prior to withdrawing to find out about your daily limit. Also, keep in mind that transaction fees may apply.

In-Person Withdrawals

There is no maximum in-person withdrawal limit at Citizens Bank; though, of course, you’ll be limited by the available funds in your account. It’s also recommended you contact your local branch ahead of time for large withdrawals to ensure your request can be accommodated.

  • Citizens Bank maximum cash withdrawal in-person: No set maximum; withdrawal limit is based on available funds in your account.
  • Contact: Call (800) 922-9999 or log in to Online Banking and send a message.

For more information on ATM withdrawal limits, and to find out how Citizens compares to other banks, see our research on the daily ATM withdrawal limits of major banks and credit unions.


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