Clear Bra & Paint Protection Film Costs for All Methods (XPEL, etc)

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Short Answer

When professionally installed, clear paint protection film on most midsize cars will cost around $500 to $2,000 for the full car, depending on the company you choose and the size of your vehicle. At the other end of the spectrum, you can apply clear film yourself starting at around $15 for just the fenders or hood of your car, or pay $70 and up for enough clear film to wrap a full car. Below, we detail the clear paint protection options that are available, including DIY clear wraps, liquid spray protection, pre-cut wrap sections, and professional installation.

Why Use a Paint Protection Wrap?

Your car’s paint takes the brunt of your driving; it’s only a matter of time until your car’s paint succumbs to chipping, scratching, and fading. However, there are preventative steps you can take to help protect your car’s paint from damage. For example, there are black leather or vinyl bras that bend around the hood to stay in place, but these can increase your fuel consumption and wear away the paint underneath. An alternative option is a paint protection wrap or film. You can use a liquid spray or apply a clear wrap yourself, or you can take your car to a shop for professional installation.

Paint Protection Wrap and Film Costs

When choosing between DIY or professional installation, you will want to consider not just the initial price, but also the application process and how long you can expect the paint protection to last. Choosing a DIY method might be easier on your budget, but it also might mean shorter-lived results. It could demand repeated reapplications, simply because the material is typically only designed to last about a year or two. Professional installation will deliver long-lasting results, but with a hefty price tag.

Below, we detail the costs involved with each installation method for a clear paint protection wrap or film.

DIY Liquid Paint Protection

Kits are available starting at about $20 to $40 on Amazon.

One bottle will cover approximately half the hood, one fender, one mirror cap, and the front bumper of a medium- to large-sized vehicle. It is recommended that more than one coat be applied to each section, which may mean that you’ll need to purchase several bottles.[1][2]

Paint protection spray is a liquid that is sprayed onto the car and dries as plastic. To apply, simply mask off the area to be treated, wax the area, then spray the paint protection liquid per the instructions on the bottle.[3]

The spray typically takes about two to four hours to dry, and the film won’t fully cure until a few days have passed. Your car should not get wet for a few days while the film cures.[3]


High-quality paint protection spray lasts about a year before it needs to be removed and a new film applied, which means it can become an annual expense.[1] Luckily, the removal process is easy: simply peel off the old film. Then, follow the same application steps to apply a new layer of film.

DIY Bulk Clear Wrap

Instead of paint protection spray, you can also choose to get a clear adhesive wrap to cover part of all of your car.

  • Fenders or hood: About $15 to $20 on Amazon for one roll
  • Fenders or hood plus doors: $30 to $40 (two 6”x48” rolls)
  • Entire vehicle: $50 for a smaller vehicle (one 12”x96” roll and one 6”x48” roll) or $70 for a larger vehicle (two 12”x96” rolls)
  • Pre-cut film: About $190 or more on Amazon
  • XPEL Tracwrap: About $25 on Amazon
    • This film provides coverage for lights, edges of the car that are close to the ground, narrow strips on lower side panels, and thin strips on the hood. It is intended only for specific uses (e.g. racing, towing, off-roading, track days, road trips, etc.).

Depending on the size of your vehicle, you may need additional rolls to cover the entire car. Keep in mind that the DIY method requires precise cutting for each car section; you’ll want to choose the smaller width to cover flat sections, and the larger wrap for bigger sections with curves and edges. If you make mistakes when cutting, you may need to purchase more rolls. You can purchase pre-cut films, but these are typically much more expensive, as noted above.

Many of the clear wraps come with a squeegee for fine-tuning smooth edges. To apply, clean and dry the surface to be treated, carefully apply the clear film, smooth out the surface, and trim off the excess. The film sets within 20 to 45 minutes of application, and it will not leave any residue when removed.[4]


In addition to protecting against scratches and debris, paint protection films are generally resistant to weathering, including staining and discoloration. The film will also likely be resistant to shrinking and stretching. You can expect this type of film to last longer than a liquid spray — typically up to a few years.[5] Some brands even come with warranty protection.[4]

Professional Installation

To get a representative sample of typical pricing for clear bra installation, we used Custom Car Stereo & Tint’s price list.

  • Headlights: $175
  • Bumper: $375
  • Partial hood (eight to 12 inches): About $350
  • Full hood: About $600
  • Partial fenders: About $250
  • Full funders: About $490
  • Splash guards: $325
  • Entry points (door edges, door cups, kick rails, deck lid): About $300
  • Entire vehicle: $3,500 and up

Just like with the DIY method, professional clear bra installation can include all or just a few parts of the car. The biggest factor in determining how much you’ll pay for professional installation will be the size of the section to be covered.


Many professionals will offer some sort of guarantee for their clear wraps and films, and most will be longer than the few years you can expect from spraying or wrapping the car yourself — many offer 10-year warranties.[6]


If you want to ensure the highest quality applications and products, you may want to consider a professionally installed XPEL paint protection kit. The material used by XPEL is a polyurethane film, and it is computer-cut to ensure an exact fit for your car’s specifications.[7]

XPEL wraps typically cost between $500 and $2,000, depending on which installer you choose and how much of the car you want to be covered. Below is a sampling of professional clear bra service prices:[8]

  • 12″ hood and fender: $180.00
  • 18″ hood and fender: $220.00
  • 24″ hood and fender: $260.00
  • Lower bumper: Starts at $350.00
  • Above windshield: $100.00
  • Mirror: $60.00 (pair)
  • Headlight/fog light : $60.00 (pair)
  • Large headlight: $100.00 (pair)
  • Door handles: $30.00 (pair)

The application process for you as the consumer consists of choosing from various protection levels: XPEL Ultimate, XPEL Stealth, XPEL Xtreme, and XPEL Armor (for commercial use).[8]

XPEL offers the aforementioned levels of protection through certified installers nationwide, making it easy to get paint protection installed before your paint has a chance to get damaged.


XPEL paint protection film is guaranteed to offer protection for 10 years. However, it is also easily removable and will not damage factory paint. It is tested against yellowing, blistering, and peeling.[4]

More Information

A vinyl wrap is slightly different from a clear paint protection wrap, and it is more for looks than for protection. If you’re interested in vinyl wrapping, our article has more details about how much it costs to wrap a car.


  • Rick Hawkins

    Hi, just a general question. I have a 2014 C7 corvette, just need the front bumper done in 3M clear wrap. Can I take the bumper to an installer or does it have to be on the vehicle?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Hello, Rick! Typically the bumper should be attached to the car; all of the installers we checked said to just bring in the car, even for a small/partial wrap. However, you might want to call around to installers in your area and see if any are willing to let you bring in the bumper alone. Best of luck!

  • Harry Patrl

    For estimate Full bra on Mercedes 2018 GLC300 Coupe

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Laura Bachmann

      Hi Harry,

      The price will depend on how much labor costs are where you live, so we can’t give you an accurate estimate. Many brands of clear bra or paint protection film allow you to search for authorized installers on their websites. You can use these to locate installers near you and ask for an accurate estimate. Here’s the Premium Sheild installer directory. You can also use this broader Clear Bra Films directory. If you have a different brand of clear bra in mind, try visiting their website and finding an installer locator or directory.

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