How to Close a Bank Account Without Going to the Bank (Online, etc)

Woman using a laptop to close a bank account online

Many banks allow you to close your account online, by phone, or by mail rather than visiting the bank.

When closing an account remotely, it’s best to transfer or withdraw the remaining funds before closing the account. While many banks allow you to transfer the balance to a new account or request a mailed check, others require an account balance of zero to close the account without visiting a branch.

Keep in mind that a bank account with a zero balance won’t automatically close and will continue to incur fees until you formally close it.


When you close a bank account in person, you may need your photo ID and/or your Social Security number, bank account number, and any debit card numbers or PINs connected to your account.

When you close an account online, you’ll need to provide much or all of the same proof of identification, but you’ll submit it online after logging in to your online bank account.

Banks that process account closures by phone might request that you mail in a form to finalize the closure. If you have to mail a written form or your bank has a mail-in option to close the account, you may need to get it notarized. It’s also a good idea to use certified mail for proof of delivery.

When to Close the Account

If you close an account that still has upcoming transactions, you can run into problems like missed bill payments.

It’s best to wait about a month after opening a new account before you close your old one so you can be sure that there are no scheduled payments. This is especially true for business accounts; our related research has more information about cashing a check made out to a closed business.

Policies by Bank

We contacted customer service representatives at major banks across the U.S. and found that the following offer options for customers to close a bank account without going to the bank:

Bank of America logo

Bank of America

  • Closing options:
    • By phone at (800) 432-1000[1]
    • By mail; all account owners must sign a letter including how you would like to receive the balance, if any.[1] Send the letter to:
      • Bank of America
        P.O. Box 25118
        Tampa, FL 33622-5118
  • Processing time: Up to about one week[1]

BB and T Logo


Chase Bank logo


  • Closing options:
    • Online[3]
    • By phone at (800) 935-9935[3]
    • By mail; include a letter with your name as it is on the account, full account numbers, Social Security number, current address and phone numbers, and whether you want the remaining balance remaining mailed or transferred. If your balance is over $1,000, your letter must be notarized.[3] Send the letter to:
      • National Bank By Mail
        P.O. Box 36520
        Louisville, KY 40233-6520
    • By mail with rushed processing at the following address (with the same letter requirements noted above):
      • National Bank By Mail
        Mail Code KY1-0900
        416 West Jefferson, Floor L1
        Louisville, KY, 40202-3202[3]
  • Processing time: Up to about three business days[3]

Citibank logo


  • Closing options:
  • Processing time: Up to about three business days[4]

Citizens Bank logo

Citizens Bank

  • Closing options: By phone at (800) 922-9999[5]
  • Processing time: The closure will process within about three to five business days. However, Citizens Bank will leave your online banking profile in its system for 60 days unless you request deactivation prior to 60 days.[5]

Fifth Third Bank logo

Fifth Third Bank

  • Closing options:
    • By phone at (800) 972-3030[6]
    • By mailing a written request to your local branch[6]
  • Processing time: Up to five business days[6]

First Citizens Bank logo

First Citizens Bank

First Federal Bank logo

First Federal Bank

  • Closing options: By phone at (877) 499-0572[8]
  • Processing time: Around three to five business days[8]

Huntington logo


  • Closing options:
  • Processing time: Up to five business days[9]

Key Bank logo


  • Closing options:
    • By phone at (800) 539-2968[10]
    • By mailing a letter; contact customer service at (800) 539-2968 for the appropriate mailing address for your account[10]
  • Processing time: About three to five business days[10]

Navy Federal Credit Union logo

Navy Federal Credit Union

  • Closing options:
  • Processing time: May take up to three to five days to process[11]

Peoples United Bank logo

People’s United Bank

  • Closing options:
    • Online[12]
    • By phone at (800) 525-9248[12]
    • By sending a notarized request (signed by at least one account owner and including instructions of where to send the remaining balance) to:
      • People’s United Bank
        P.O. Box 27
        Bridgeport, CT 06601-0027
  • Processing time: Up to five business days[12]

PNC Bank logo


  • Closing options:
  • Processing time: Around three to five business days[13]

Regions Bank logo

Regions Bank

  • Closing options:
    • Online[14]
    • By phone at (800) 734-4667[14]
    • Mail a letter of request to close your account; call Regions Bank customer service at (800) 734-4667 for the appropriate mailing address for your account.
  • Processing time: About three to five business days[14]

SunTrust logo

SunTrust Bank

  • Closing options: By phone at (800) 786-8787[15]
  • Processing time: About three to five business days[15]

TCF Bank logo

TCF Bank

  • Closing options:
  • Processing time: Up to five business days[16]

TD Bank logo

TD Bank

  • Closing options:
    • By phone at (888) 751-9000[17]
    • Mail a written, notarized closure request (including your account number and, if applicable, your passbook) to the following address:
      • TD Bank, N.A
        P.O. Box 1377
        Lewiston, Maine 04243-1377[17]
  • Processing time: Around three to five business days[17]

US Bank logo

U.S. Bank

  • Closing options: By phone at (800) 872-2657[18]
  • Processing time: Up to five business days[18]

Wells Fargo logo

Wells Fargo

  • Closing options:
  • Processing time: Up to four business days[19]

Banks Without Remote Closure

In the course of our research, we found that the following banks require you to visit a branch to close an account:

  • Bank of the West[20]
  • Cambridge Savings Bank[21]
  • First American Bank[22]
  • First National Bank[23]
  • First United Bank[24]
  • Liberty Bank[26]
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  2. BB&T customer service (800) 226-5228[][][][]
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