Top 9 Clothes Swap Apps Listed

Woman taking photo of shirt with her smartphone to post on a clothes swap app

Clothes swap apps have gained popularity as an eco-friendly way to refresh your wardrobe. Clothing swaps provide the opportunity to get rid of old clothes without sending them to the landfill, and they allow you to try new styles without turning to fast-fashion brands or overspending on luxury items. Below, we list the available clothes swap apps, detailing their features and fees to help you decide which is best for you.

What We Recommend

Of the apps on our list, four offer free trades: Facebook Marketplace, Listia,, and OfferUp. Of these, we recommend Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp, which are the most well-known free options (meaning they have larger user bases than Listia or While not exclusive to clothes, both of these apps offer straightforward trading processes and negotiable pickup/shipping options for your trade.

If you’re open to using a paid platform, TradeMade offers the lowest rates, charging a monthly membership fee of $1 or an annual fee of just $6.

Vinted is also a good option, offering relatively low fees ($0.70 plus 5% of the item price), user protection benefits, and an entirely fashion-focused app. However, note that its trading process is a bit more complicated than some other apps since both parties must pay equivalent prices during the swap process.

Comparison Table

Compare your clothes swap app options in the following table, sorting by selecting the arrows at the top of any column. Note that you can also select any app name to find more information in our list below.

App Requires account? Other Requirements Offers free listings? Platforms
DepopYes PayPal account No Android and iOS
Facebook MarketplaceYes None Yes Android and iOS
KiinSwapYes None No iOS
OfferUpYes None Yes Android and iOS
ListiaYes None Yes Android and iOS
PoshmarkYes None No Android and iOS
Swop.itYes None Yes Android and iOS
TradeMadeYes None No iOS
VintedYes None No Android and iOS

The List

We’ve ordered our list based on which apps have the lowest fees, easiest trading process, and largest user base.

1. Facebook Marketplace

  • Swap for: Any item another party is willing to trade[1]
  • How it works: Mark your item’s price as “FREE” and note in the description that you’d like to trade for another item. Interested traders will contact you through the app with offers.[1]
  • Account required? Yes[2]
  • Listing fees: None for local pickup; selling fees only apply if you charge the buyer through the Marketplace shipping and checkout tool[3]
  • Platform(s): Android and iOS[4]
  • Get the app

2. OfferUp

  • Swap for: Negotiable with the other party[5]
  • How it works: List your item; OfferUp requires you to input an asking price,[5] but you can note in the description that you’re willing to trade.
  • Account required? Yes[6]
  • Listing fees: None unless you ship the item or use a promotional tool like Promote Plus[7]
  • Platform(s): Android and iOS[8]
  • Get the app

3. Listia

  • Swap for: Any other item available on Listia[9]
  • How it works: Listia doesn’t offer direct trades; instead, you’ll earn points when other people claim the stuff you offer for free. You can then use those points to “buy” other items from the site/app.[9]
  • Account required? Yes; you can sign up by email or with your Facebook account[9]
  • Listing fees: None; the buyer of any items you list will pay for shipping[10]
  • Platform(s): Android and iOS[11]
  • Get the app


  • Swap for: Clothes and other items of similar value or in-app coins[12]
  • How it works: Post photos of items you want to get rid of; you’ll then be able to swap them for coins or similar items with other local members.[12]
  • Account required? Yes; you can log in with your phone number or a Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Apple account[12]
  • Listing fees: None[12]
  • Platform(s): Android and iOS[13]
  • Get the app

5. TradeMade

  • Swap for: Negotiable; can be items or services[14]
  • How it works: Upload a photo and description of the item(s) you want to swap. You can then browse other items available in your area and propose trades to other users.[14]
  • Account required? Yes; must register with your full name and email address[15]
  • Listing fees: About $1 per month or $6 per year[15]
  • Platform(s): iOS[14]
  • Get the app

6. Vinted

  • Swap for: Other pre-owned clothing items[16]
  • How it works: Items available to swap will be marked with a swap symbol (which looks like a circle made of arrows). You’ll negotiate your trade with the other member, make offers on each other’s items for the same value, and then ship the items to each other.[17]
  • Account required? Yes; you can join with a Facebook, Google, or Apple account or your email address[18]
  • Listing fees: None to list items, but there are buyer protection fees of $0.70 plus 5% of the item price[16][19]
  • Platform(s): Android and iOS[20]
  • Get the app

7. Poshmark

  • Swap for: Clothes or home goods as negotiated with another Poshmark member[21]
  • How it works: Contact the seller of an item you’re interested in to propose a trade. Note that since you won’t be paying through the Poshmark system, your trade won’t be covered by Posh Protect.[21]
  • Account required? Yes[22]
  • Listing fees: Poshmark takes a commission of sales (as previously reported); you may also need to pay for shipping[21]
  • Platform(s): Android and iOS[23]
  • Get the app

8. Depop

  • Swap for: Fair value items of any kind[24]
  • How it works: You and the person you’re trading with will list your items for the same price, then buy each other’s items and send them through the mail[24]
  • Account required? Yes, Depop and PayPal accounts[25]
  • Listing fees:
    • 10% Depop fee[26]
    • About 3% PayPal fee[26]
    • Shipping fees of around $4 to $15 based on the size of your item[27]
  • Platform(s): Android and iOS[28]
  • Get the app

9. KiinSwap

  • Swap for: Other clothing items[29]
  • How it works: The app matches you with people who share similar fashion sense and sizing. You’ll create a profile, list any items you’re interested in swapping, and then arrange item exchanges through in-app messaging.[29]
  • Account required? Yes[29]
  • Listing fees: None per listing, but you must choose between the Standard Plan (about $5 per month) or the Premium Plan (about $10 per month)[29]
  • Platform(s): iOS[29]
  • Get the app

Apps That Don’t Allow Trades

In the course of our research, we found that the following peer-to-peer fashion/selling apps only allow sales or free item listings — not trades:

If you’d like to consider selling your clothes rather than trading, see our related research on how much you can earn at Style Encore, sites like Poshmark for peer-to-peer clothing sales, and which in-person resale/consignment shop is best.



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