Coin Machine at Walmart: Fees, Limits, etc Explained

Blue and yellow logo sign on the exterior of a Walmart store

Short Answer

Walmart has Coinstar coin machines at most locations. You can exchange your coins for an eGift card for free or choose cash or a charitable donation for an 11.9% fee. For more details about the coin machines at Walmart, see below.

Coin Machines at Walmart

Walmart offers Coinstar coin machines at most locations. You can typically find the kiosk near the front of the store.[1]

You can find a machine near you using Coinstar’s kiosk locator.

Note that Coinstar kiosks don’t roll coins — you can only exchange your coins at the kiosk.[1]

Walmart does sell coin wrappers in stores and online if you’d prefer to wrap your coins and take them to a bank.[1]

We contacted Walmart stores in Colorado, Michigan, and South Carolina to confirm the availability of Coinstar; all locations we spoke with had coin counting machines available.


Coinstar charges an 11.9% processing fee for most coin-counting transactions.[2]

If you choose to exchange your coins for a gift card rather than cash, most Coinstar kiosks will waive the fee.[2][1]


Coinstar accepts large amounts of coins, but if you think you have more than $3,000 in coins, it’s best to contact Coinstar customer service at (800) 928-2274 for assistance rather than using a kiosk.[2]

Unacceptable Coins

Coinstar doesn’t require you to count or roll your coins before using the kiosk.

However, there are some coins it won’t accept:

  • 1943 steel U.S. pennies
  • Bent or damaged coins
  • Commemorative coins
  • Eisenhower silver dollars
  • Foreign (non-U.S.) coins
  • Tokens

It’s also best to ensure your coins are free of debris (such as dirt and lint) before using the kiosk.[2]

Exchange Options

You can exchange your coins for the following options with Coinstar:[3]


If you choose this option, you’ll receive a voucher you can cash in at the store’s checkout or customer service desk.[4]

eGift Card

As noted above, Coinstar will waive your fees if you choose a gift card. The machine will print a paper with your gift card code.

Available brands include Amazon, Cabela’s, Domino’s, GameStop, Lowe’s, Roblox, and more.[5]


Charity options include The American Red Cross, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Feeding America, the NAACP, and the World Wildlife Fund, among others.[6]

If you choose to donate your coins to charity, you’ll receive a tax-deductible receipt.[2]


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