Comdata Direct Deposit Times Explained

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It can take as little as two hours for your Comdata direct deposit to be available in your linked bank account. But, occasionally, your funds won’t be available until the next day.

Comdata Direct Deposit Times

Direct deposits made through a Comdata Payroll Card account can arrive in as little as two hours. However, sometimes direct deposits are not available until the next day.

To find out about Comdata’s direct deposit times, we contacted Comdata’s corporate headquarters by calling (800) 266-3282.

A representative explained that the time it takes for a payment to reach your Comdata account and then your linked bank account depends largely on how your employer transfers the funds to Comdata.

If the employer directly wires the money to Comdata, the funds can be transferred to your account immediately. However, if the employer moves the money through an automated clearing house (ACH), it can take one or more business days for Comdata to receive the funds before it can transfer them to your account.

Once Comdata has the funds, it will transfer them to your account immediately and the money should be available within a few hours. Comdata representatives did not give reasons why your funds could be delayed, but, if they are, they should be available by the next day.

Comdata’s Mastercard-branded Payroll Cards help employees access their pay quickly, without having to wait for a payroll check to clear. You can set up direct deposit by logging in to your Comdata account.

You can choose to have your funds deposited regularly or a single time, and you can set predetermined amounts to go to various accounts.

After you initiate direct deposit, it usually takes about 10 days for it to be finalized.

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