Companies Like Avon to Consider (Some With Lower Startup Costs)

While many have had success selling Avon products, there are several other companies with similar business models. Below we’ve compared a few of the major direct sales companies and outlined the details on each option.

We’ve Done the Comparing for You — Here’s What We Recommend

We’ve put JewelScent at the top of our list; it offers a relatively high commission percentage, low startup cost, and no monthly sales requirement. SimplyFun is a good option if you don’t mind investing a bit on the front end; it has a higher startup cost and a six-month sales minimum, but the company and products have a good reputation and the earning potential for personal sales is relatively high.

Comparison Table: Companies Like Avon

You can use the table below to compare companies similar to Avon. Sort the table by clicking the arrows above each column. You can also click a company name or scroll down to our list of companies to find out more.

Company Commission Minimum Startup Fee Minimum Sales Requirements
JewelScent 30% $20 None
SimplyFun 25% to 42% $49 $500 in six-month period
PartyLite 25% $9.95 None
Java Momma 20% $20 One sale every three months

Companies Like Avon

In comparing these companies, we considered the cost of starting, commission amount, whether or not there is a monthly sales minimum, and company reputation. As a comparison point, Avon’s startup kit costs $30. We’ve ordered the list below starting with the best overall options.


  • Products sold: Candles, bath bombs, and soaps with jewelry inside; plus room sprays, body scrubs, and body creams
  • Commission: 30%
  • Startup fees: Several startup options, starting at $20 for the Virtual Kit
  • Minimum sales requirement: None
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  • Products sold: Educational games for children
  • Commission: 25% to 42%
  • Startup fees: You can buy a $49 Signature Kit or a $139 Premium Kit.
  • Minimum sales requirement: Must make $500 in personal sales in a rolling six-month period.
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  • Products sold: Candles, home décor, and gifts
  • Commission: 25%
  • Startup fees: There are several startup kits options, starting with the eBusiness Digital Kit for $9.95. You can also hold a party; if you generate at least $350 in sales, there is no cost to you.
  • Minimum sales requirement: No monthly minimum, though you must make a sale within two months to remain active
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Java Momma

  • Products sold: Coffee, tea, and cocoa
  • Commission: 20%
  • Startup fees: You can choose between three kits, $20, $35, $65
  • Minimum sales requirement: You must make at least one sale on your site every three months.
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