Conn’s Repo Policy: Voluntary Repossession & More Explained

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Conn’s HomePlus has a voluntary repossession policy, customer service representatives said. Conn’s will also work with customers struggling to make the payments on their purchases.

You can contact a Conn’s credit representative at (800) 511-5750 to discuss your options.

And, if you can no longer afford to make the necessary payments, you can surrender the item(s) in a voluntary repossession. Conn’s will schedule a pick-up time for the item(s) after you agree to repossession.

Keep in mind, if you miss a payment without first contacting Conn’s, the customer service department will contact you. Conn’s will not, however, attempt to enter your home to repossess items without you scheduling a pick-up time.

If you voluntarily return an appliance and need to find an inexpensive replacement, we list where to find appliances for free or cheap.

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