Consignment Shops Near Me? 8 Consignment Shops Local to Most

Consignment stores and secondhand shops present excellent opportunities to earn money from clothing and items you don’t use anymore. They also offer great ways for you to save money by purchasing items you need at heavily discounted prices. Most towns have a few locally-owned consignment shops, but larger consignment store chains exist all over the nation. In this article, we’ll cover the most popular online consignment stores, national brick-and-mortar consignment store chains, and smaller local consignment stores. These include maternity consignment stores, consignment shops for babies, art consignment shops, children’s consignment shops, and more.

What Exactly Are Consignment Stores?

Consignment stores are places where you can buy and sell gently used items. They’re great for earning extra cash for things you have sitting around your house or for picking up something you need without paying full retail price. You can buy and sell just about anything at a consignment store, including clothes and shoes, home decor, furniture, artwork, children’s toys, electronics and video games, books, CDs, and much more. Selling your no-longer-needed items to a consignment store is an easy way to earn money with minimal effort.

The payment model for consignment stores varies. At traditional consignment stores, you bring in your item, the store puts it up for sale, and you are paid a percentage of the sale price when someone buys it. With this model, you won’t see any money until someone purchases your item. In this article, we’ve included consignment stores that offer this type of deferred payment to its sellers, as well as ones that pay upfront for the items they want from you. We’ve specified how the selling process works at each consignment store in the bullet points below. Let’s take a look!

The Most Popular Online Consignment Stores


  • What the store has to offer: Men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories
  • Rewards program/special deals: None
  • How to sell: Create an account online or in the Depop app (available for iOS and Android) and connect your PayPal account. Tap the camera icon to add a new listing. Your listing should include video or photos, a category and location, your delivery method, and the item price. Once it’s published, other Depop users will be able to view and buy the item. You can either arrange your own shipping or use the “Ship with Depop” option to calculate shipping and print a label.
  • More information available at the Depop website




  • What the store has to offer: Women’s fashion, including handbags, jeans, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and dresses
  • Rewards program/special deals: Free item authentication and free shipping (during promotional periods only) on items worth $500 or more
  • How to sell: After you create a profile, you’ll be able to start a closet, which is a place where you can list an item for sale in fewer than 60 seconds using the free Poshmark App. Simply take a picture, add a description, and wait for someone to buy the item. Get more tips from our article on How to Sell on Poshmark.
  • More information available at the Poshmark website

The RealReal

  • What the store has to offer: Men’s and women’s high-end and brand-name clothing, shoes, and accessories
  • Rewards program/special deals: Frequent discount codes
  • How to sell: You can choose between sending in your items with prepaid postage or having a RealReal associate pick them up from your home (availability of this service varies by location). Then, your items will be posted on The RealReal website within a few days. If your items sell, you’ll receive up to 70% of the sale price.
  • More information available at The RealReal website

  • What the store has to offer: Men’s, women’s, children’s, baby, and maternity clothing, plus toys, games, home decor, movies, books, and sporting goods
  • Rewards program/special deals: There is a $10 reward for every friend you refer who makes their first purchase of $20 or more. also has a clearance section and offers free shipping on orders over $60.
  • How to sell: accepts consignments by mail and provides a prepaid shipping label. You can also request a box to package your items. Accepted items will be listed on the website, and you’ll earn a percentage of the purchase price when the item sells.
  • More information available at


  • What the store has to offer: Women’s, children’s, and babies’ clothing, shoes, and accessories. Sizes range from plus size to petite to maternity in brand-name and designer styles.
  • Rewards program/special deals: Earn $20 in site credit for every referral; frequent coupon offers
  • How to sell: Simply request a postage-paid bag to ship the items to ThredUp. ThredUp will pay you up to 80% of retail value. If your items are not accepted, they will either be sent back to you free of charge or donated on your behalf.
  • More information available at the ThredUp website


  • What the store has to offer: Designer women’s clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry, watches, and other accessories
  • Rewards program/special deals: The Tradesy website features markdowns in the “On Sale” section. You can also invite friends and get $10 in Tradesy Cash rewards each time a friend makes their first purchase.
  • How to sell: Post unlimited listings directly using or the iOS and Android apps. Items should be in excellent condition. Once they’re sold, ship your items directly to the buyer using one of Tradesy’s free shipping kits (available for everything except wedding items). Your earnings can be withdrawn using PayPal, your debit card, or an ACH transfer.
  • More information available at the Tradesy website

Vestiaire Collective

The Most Popular National Brick-and-Mortar Consignment Stores

Buffalo Exchange

Crossroads Trading Co.

Once Upon a Child

  • What the store has to offer: Toys, furniture, costumes, footwear, and clothing for children of all ages; sizes include preemie to youth 20
  • Rewards program/special deals: If you sign up for the Once Upon a Child rewards program, you’ll receive notifications for special deals, sales, and coupons. Promotions and rewards program may vary by location.
  • How to sell: If you want to sell something, bring your gently used kid’s clothes, toys, and shoes, and look around the store while the items are being appraised. If they see something they wish to buy — that meets the current safety and condition standards — the store associate will make you an offer. Then, it’s up to you to accept part or all of the offer. If you accept, you’ll get cash on the spot for your items. To find out how much Once Upon a Child pay for clothes, see our related article. 
  • Find your nearest Once Upon a Child store.
  • More information available at the Once Upon a Child website

Plato’s Closet

  • What the store has to offer: Brand-name jeans, dress pants, blouses, t-shirts, athletic wear, jackets, shoes, boots, jewelry, scarves, and purses. Plato’s Closet caters to male and female teenagers and 20-somethings.
  • Rewards program/special deals: If you sign up for the Plato’s Closet rewards program,  you’ll receive notifications for special deals, sales, and coupons. Promotions and rewards program may vary by location.
  • How to sell: If you want to sell something, bring in your clothes and look around the store while your items are being appraised. A store associate will then inform you if they want to purchase anything and make an offer. If you accept the offer, you’ll be paid in cash on the spot. (Some stores pay with in-store credit. Contact the nearest Plato’s Closet ahead of time to verify the form of payment.)
  • Find your nearest Plato’s Closet store.
  • More information available at the Plato’s Closet website

In Summary

In this article, we’ve detailed some of the most popular online, national, and local consignment shops. You likely have several local consignment shops to choose from as well. To find local consignment stores in your area, type “consignment stores near me” in your favorite search engine, and you’ll be well on your way to selling your unused items and finding something new for your closet or your home.

Looking for a place where you can sell your clothes for cash? See our list of consignment shops that pay cash upfront. Want to sell clothes by the pound? See our article for details.