Costco Car Rental Cancellation Policy Explained

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Short Answer

Costco Travel allows you to cancel an online car rental reservation at no charge as long as you did not prepay at the time of booking. If you did prepay, Costco Travel’s partner car rental company might charge a cancellation fee around $50.

Costco Car Rental Cancellation Policy

Costco Travel allows customers to cancel car rental reservations at any time before picking up the vehicle.

Costco does not charge for car rental cancellations as long as you did not prepay, corporate customer service representatives said.

If you did prepay, the cancellation fee will vary depending on which partner company you book with (Alamo Rent A Car, Avis, Budget Car Rental, or Enterprise Rent-A-Car).

Costco Travel Rental Car Cancellation Process

The cancellation process is the same for all partner companies when you book through Costco Travel.

You may change cancel your Costco Travel rental car reservations at any time prior to pick-up through your Costco Travel online account. You can also cancel by calling Costco Travel at (866) 921-7925 or by contacting the partner rental agency directly.

Once you cancel a reservation, Costco Travel cannot reinstate it. If you do not cancel but instead fail to pick up the vehicle, your reservation will be voided.

Costco also recommends that if you need to change your reservation, you should cancel your current reservation and book a new one.


While you have the option to prepay for your rental — often at a discounted rate — Costco Travel does not require that you use a credit card to book a car rental.

If you do not prepay for your online reservation, neither Costco Travel nor its partner car rental companies will charge a cancellation fee.

Since your payment information is not collected unless you prepay for your car rental, you will not be charged even if you forget to cancel your reservation.

If you prepay for a rental car reservation over the phone or online, you might be charged a cancellation fee depending on the policy of the car rental company partnering with Costco Travel.

Cancellation fees are generally about $50, and no-show fees close to the scheduled pickup date can be higher. Costco Travel will not charge any additional fees on top of the partner company’s fees.

If you book a prepaid reservation directly through the rental company (not through Costco Travel), your reservation will also be subject to the car rental company’s cancellation policies.

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