Costco Cash Card Refund Policy Explained

Here are the details on the Costco Cash Card refund policy. You can get a refund on a Costco Cash Card — Costco’s version of a gift card — if the card balance is less than $10. Some state laws also require that gift card balances be redeemable for cash. For more specifics, see below.

Costco Cash Card Refund Policy

Yes, Costco Cash Cards with a balance of $10 or less can be redeemed for cash at a warehouse location, according to the Costco website. If the balance on the card is greater than $10, you can only redeem the card for cash in states where a cash refund is required by law. These states include:

Costco Cash Cards can only be purchased by Costco members, but they can be used by non-members to gain entry to Costco warehouse locations and to pay for Costco merchandise.

For more information on state gift card statutes, see our article: Can You Return Gift Cards? Gift Card Return Policies by Store (& State).

In Summary

If your Costco Cash Card is worth $10 or less, you can redeem it for cash at any Costco warehouse location. Costco Cash Cards can be used by members and non-members to gain entry to Costco warehouse locations and to purchase Costco merchandise. For more on Costco store policies, see our articles: How to “Share” a Costco Membership Without Breaking the RulesDoes Costco Have Layaway?, and Does Costco Install Car Batteries?

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