Costco Cedar Point Tickets: Availability, Ticket Options Detailed

Exterior of a Costco store

Short Answer

Costco sells Cedar Point ticket packages, which include two individual day tickets and a parking pass, for about $100. Tickets are primarily available at Costco stores in Ohio, where Cedar Point is located. For more details on Costco’s Cedar Point tickets, see below.

Costco Cedar Point Tickets

Some Costco locations in the Midwest sell Cedar Point tickets. We contacted 19 Costco locations in Ohio (where Cedar Point is located) and Michigan to confirm the availability of Cedar Point tickets. Every Ohio location we contacted said that it sells Cedar Point tickets. However, only one Costco store in Michigan (the Haggerty Rd. location in Livonia) reported ever selling Cedar Point tickets.

Ticket Options

Costco locations that sell Cedar Point tickets offer packages of two single-day tickets, plus a parking pass, for about $100. For comparison, individual daily tickets from Cedar Point’s website range from $45.99 (pre-season) to $73 each, and parking is $20 per car. Purchasing two tickets and a parking pass at Costco results in savings of anywhere from about $12 to $66. Costco doesn’t offer any additional discounts on tickets for senior citizens, students, or veterans.

Customer service representatives at Costco mentioned that Cedar Point also offers an annual Gold Pass exclusively on its website. The Gold Pass allows a single individual unlimited visits and free parking throughout the year for $129. If you are local to Cedar Point and plan to visit frequently, purchasing a Gold Pass directly from the park might be worthwhile for you.

Seasonal Availability

Where available, the selling season for Cedar Point tickets usually starts around April and runs through August at Costco. Accounts on exactly when Costco stores receive the tickets varied; some locations get them as early as March, while others receive them as late as June, customer service representatives said. You may want to call your local Costco before visiting to verify that tickets are available.

How to Purchase Tickets

To buy Cedar Point tickets at Costco, you must be a Costco member. Visit the gift card display, pick out a Cedar Point gift card, and present it at checkout. After you pay for it, a cashier will retrieve physical tickets for you from an in-store safe.

There is no limit to the number of Cedar Point tickets you can buy at one time, and there are no blackout dates. You can also return unused tickets as long as they are still valid.

For more Cedar Point ticket options, check out our article about Cedar Point tickets at Kroger.


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