Here’s the Costco dry ice information. Costco does not have a company-wide policy on selling dry ice; your local warehouse location may or may not carry it. For more on dry ice and Costco’s store policy, see below.

Does Costco Sell Dry Ice?

Dry ice isn’t really ice at all. Dry ice is made up of frozen carbon dioxide. It stays super cold in solid form — around -109.3 degrees Fahrenheit, to be exact. When it “melts,” it simply evaporates, only leaving behind condensation. Dry ice can be used for transport or special effects — like at concerts and theater performance. So, does Costco sell dry ice?

Costco doesn’t have a company-wide policy about selling dry ice. A search for “ice” on Costco’s website returns other products, but not dry ice. So, we reached out to customer service whether or not Costco sells dry ice. It turns out that some stores do and some don’t. “It would vary by warehouse, so you would want to call your closest (Costco),” customer service told us.

The Hazards of Dry Ice

Though dry ice sounds harmless enough, the U.S. Department of Transportation classifies it as a hazardous material. Here’s why:

While it’s often considered a plus that dry ice shifts straight from a solid to a gas, sublimation (the technical term that describes the process) can cause problems. The volume of carbon dioxide released can break containers and potentially cause injury. It can also displace oxygen and cause breathing problems.

Not to mention, because dry is so cold it can potentially harm skin. If your hands come in contact with dry ice for an extended period of time, you can suffer frostbite.

In Summary

Your local Costco may or may not carry dry ice; you’ll need to call to confirm. For a list of places that sell dry ice, see our comprehensive article: Where to Buy Dry Ice. Want to quickly find out if Ralphs or Publix sells dry ice? See our related articles.

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