Can You Buy Gilroy Gardens Tickets at Costco? Answered

Sign on the outside of a Costco store

Costco does not currently sell tickets to Gilroy Gardens; however, ticket availability can change from year to year and season to season. It’s best to contact your local Costco during the summer to see if tickets are available.

We reached out to Costco locations near Gilroy, California, including stores in Great Oaks, Salinas, Almaden, Santa Cruz, San Jose, and Gilroy itself. None of these stores carried Gilroy Gardens tickets at the time of our research, and several employees explained that any entry referencing the park had been deleted from store systems. Still, associates at the Salinas and Almaden stores said that customers should check back during the summer months, as passes sometimes become available.

Where Else to Buy Gilroy Gardens Tickets

If tickets do not become available at your local Costco stores, the best place to buy individual tickets, group tickets, and memberships is on the Gilroy Gardens website. The park’s website offers single-day discounts, fast lane passes, advanced parking passes, and more.

Other Tickets at Costco

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