Costco Optical Return Policy: Requirements for Eyeglass Returns Detailed

Here’s the Costco Optical return policy in plain language.

Costco Optical does not accept returns or exchanges for prescription glasses or sunglasses. You might be able to get the lenses in your glasses replaced if there is something wrong with the prescription. Contacts can be returned as long as the packaging is unopened, undamaged, and unmarked. To learn more about Costco Optical’s return policy, see below.

Costco Optical Return Policy

Costco Optical does not accept returns or exchanges on eyeglasses. We contacted several Costco Optical locations to learn more about the return policy. Unlike some of its competitors, such as LensCrafters and Pearle Vision, Costco Optical does not have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. However, if there is something wrong with the prescription in your new glasses, the lenses can be replaced within 60 to 90 days of purchase. The exact time frame depends on the location, as confirmed by various Costco Optical associates. In order to have the lenses changed, you may need to schedule an appointment with the optometrist to check your prescription.

If you ordered contact lenses from Costco Optical, you can return them as long as the box has not been opened, damaged, or marked. Contacts must be returned before the expiration date; many contacts are good for up to five years. In order to take advantage of this return policy, you can ask the optometrist for a pair of trial contact lenses. This way, you can test out the brand and prescription to make sure the contacts work for you before opening the box.

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In Summary

Now you know about the Costco glasses return policy and the policy on other things in the optical department. Costco Optical doesn’t accept returns or exchanges on prescription lenses. However, Costco Optical will replace lenses within 60 to 90 days if there is something wrong with your prescription. You can also return contacts as long as the box is in sellable condition (unopened, undamaged, and unmarked). For more on Costco’s return policy, see our article.

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