Costco Pet Policy Explained

Short Answer: Costco is not pet-friendly, but service animals are always welcome. For more information on the Costco pet policy, see below.

Is Costco Dog-Friendly? Pet-Friendly? Costco Pet Policy Explained

Costco does not allow pets to accompany members inside — with the exception of service animals, a corporate customer service representative said. We contacted Costco locations in Alabama, Idaho, Montana, Tennessee, and Wyoming to confirm this information.

If you’ll be shopping with a service animal, Costco representatives advise carrying identification for the service animal and keeping the service animal on a leash or harness at all times. Service animals are not allowed in Costco shopping carts.

In Summary

Costco does not allow dogs or pets inside its stores — unless the animal is a service animal. Service animals must be kept on a leash or harness and cannot be placed in a shopping cart.

For details on Walgreens’ pet policy, see our article.

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