Costco Return Policy Without the Box Policy Explained

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Short Answer

Costco’s return policy doesn’t require the original packaging or the original receipt. All products can be returned with or without a box. Certain items must be returned within 90 days of purchase, but, in general, Costco allows returns at any time and in any condition.

What Is the Costco Return Policy Without the Box?

Costco Wholesale members can return any item — including TVs and appliances (like vacuums) — without the original packaging, a corporate customer service representative said.

We contacted Costco store locations in several different states to confirm that the item’s box is not necessary to make a return. Although the original packaging is not required, all items that were included in the box must be returned together.

We also learned that the original receipt is not required to make a return. If you don’t have the receipt, proof of purchase can be verified using your Costco membership card.

Items purchased at a Costco warehouse can be returned to any Costco store. Online orders can be returned in stores, or you can complete the return online and ship the item back.

In general, Costco allows returns at any time and in any condition. There are, however, a few exclusions. Some of these include:

If you’ve been given a gift from Costco and need to return it, you may be interested in our research on Costco’s gift return policy.

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