What Is the Costco Tire Return Policy? Time Limit, Tips, etc Included

The Costco tire return policy allows you to “try and drive” for up to 30 days. To take advantage of the tire return policy, you’ll need to keep your old tires handy or plan on buying a different set if you’re not satisfied. To learn more about the Costco tire return policy, see below.

Costco Tire Return Policy Explained

Costco Wholesale lets you return or exchange tires within 30 days of purchase, store associates said. The return policy outlined on Costco’s website does not give specifics about tire returns, so we contacted Costco tire centers in Alabama, Florida, Kansas, and Nebraska for details.

Keep in mind, certain conditions can render Costco’s tire return policy null and void. For example, you can’t return tires if you’ve been in an accident or have taken them off-roading or drag racing, a store associate said.

You’ll also likely need to drive home after returning the tires. For this reason, you may want to keep your old tires handy until you’re sure about your purchase. After Costco installs new tires, it typically disposes of the old ones, store associates said. And, if your old tires are not safe, Costco will not reinstall them for you. Instead of returning tires, you can, of course, exchange them for a different brand or style from Costco so you can drive home.

In Summary

You can return tires to Costco within 30 days of purchase. But Costco won’t hold on to your old tires for you. Instead, you can exchange the tires for a different brand or style from Costco.

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