Top 25 Creative Names for a Makeup Artist Business Listed

a makeup artist applying makeup to a young woman in a studio

Whether you are a freelance makeup artist or you’re opening your own makeup studio, you’ll need to choose a name for your business. Be sure to pick one that isn’t already in use, and try to find a name that reflects your style and skills. A few of our unique ideas include Fleurish Beauty, Flush of Color Makeup, Maquillage a la (insert your name), and Touch of Rouge Beauty. For more ideas, see below.

Before You Choose a Makeup Artist Business Name

If you’re in business as a sole proprietor, there aren’t many requirements for naming your business, except choosing a name that isn’t already in use. If you happen to be a registered limited liability company or corporation, you’ll need to include LLC, Inc., or Corp. in your name. As a sole proprietor, you are taxed as an individual when reporting your income; the same goes for an LLC. The main difference between the two business types is that when you register as an LLC, any debts incurred or owed by the business are due from the business, whereas a sole proprietorship puts your personal assets at risk. There are online resources that explain in detail the different registration and tax requirements for each business type.

This may seem obvious, but you can’t use a name that has already been used or is currently in use. Often, business names are trademarked, and using a trademarked name as your own is illegal. Besides, you want people to find your business when searching — not someone else’s.

When choosing a name for your makeup artist business, it helps to pick a name that reflects your skills and/or interests. Of course, using your name is one of the most straightforward options. There’s nothing wrong with “Makeup by [Your Name Here],” but this is not necessarily the most unique option.

For something more original, you can look for inspiration from other languages (e.g., “maquillage” means makeup in French). And, depending on the type of makeup you specialize in, you might want to choose a name that reflects what you do best. For example, if you specialize in wedding makeup, you can include “bridal” in your business name. Be aware that some words like “cosmetics” can sometimes imply that you sell makeup. If you are a makeup artist who also sells makeup, however, this might be a good fit.

Makeup Artist Business Name Ideas

Below, we list some suggestions for your makeup artist business, whether you’re wanting a catchy makeup artist name or something more timeless. You may also want to add your specialty to one of the names below (e.g., Flush of Color Bridal Makeup). Before selecting a name, be sure to do a quick Google search to confirm the name you want is not already in use. Try using any of the name examples below for your business, or use them as inspiration to come up with something unique to you.

  • Beauty by [insert your name or nickname]
  • Bella Makeup by [insert your name] (Note: “Bella” means beautiful in Italian and Spanish)
  • Beyond Beauty
  • Blank Canvas Cosmetics
  • Fleur/Fleurish Beauty (Note: “Fleur” means flower in French)
  • Flush of Color Makeup
  • Glow-Up Beauty
  • [Insert your name] Artistry
  • [Insert your name] Beauty
  • [Insert your name] [insert your location] (i.e., Jane Doe Beverly Hills)
  • [Insert your name] Cosmetics / Cosmetic Studio
  • [Insert your name] Makeup
  • [Insert your name] Makeup Artistry
  • [Insert your name] Makeup Design
  • [Insert your name] MUA (Note: MUA = makeup artist)
  • [Insert your name] Professional Makeup
  • Makeup by [insert your name or nickname]
  • Makeup Journey
  • Maquillage a la [insert your name] (Note: “Maquillage” means makeup in French)
  • Midnight Beauty
  • Painted Face Makeup
  • Radiance Beauty
  • Splash of Color Makeup
  • Touch of Rouge Beauty
  • True Face Beauty

More Information

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