How to Get a Credit Card Limit Increase Without Asking

Short Answer: Many credit card companies will give you an automatic credit limit increase after your account has been in good standing for about six to 12 months. The best way to get a credit limit increase without asking is to make consistent on-time monthly payments of at least the minimum amount due. For more details, see below.

How to Get a Credit Card Limit Increase Without Asking

You’ll often get an automatic credit limit increase about six to 12 months after opening a new credit card account — as long as your account is in good standing. That means you’ll need to be making consistent on-time payments of at least the minimum amount due. Keep in mind, this is a general rule; credit limit increases and increase amounts depend on your individual credit profile.

We contacted American Express, Capital One, Chase, Citibank, and Discover corporate customer service representatives to ask about credit limit increases. We were told that after five or six on-time monthly payments, you may be offered an automatic credit limit increase. The credit card company may notify you of an automatic credit limit increase by mail or email. Your online account and next monthly statement will also show the increase. A customer service representative at Discover said your credit limit increase will usually go into effect immediately.

Capital One has a few credit cards — Quicksilver One, Secured Mastercard, Platinum, and Journey — that are eligible for credit limit increases after five on-time monthly payments. Capital One typically notifies cardholders of a limit increase by email. Once approved, your limit increase will go into effect immediately.

Requesting a Credit Limit Increase

You can request a credit limit increase by calling a customer service representative for the credit card issuer or by accessing your account online. Some credit card companies, such as American Express, will consider a credit limit increase as early as 60 days after opening your account. Others require you to wait 12 months before requesting an increase if you are not automatically given one.

When you request a credit limit increase, a company will often perform a hard inquiry of your credit history, which can potentially have a negative impact on your credit score, according to Credit Karma. It could still be worth asking for an increase if you think you’ll get it; getting a higher credit limit can help to improve your credit score by lowering your credit utilization ratio.

Improving Your Odds of a Credit Limit Increase

You can improve your odds of a credit limit increase by avoiding late payments, paying down your highest credit balances, disputing any errors on your credit report, and keeping track of your total credit utilization. See our related research on the Victoria’s Secret credit limit increase policy for more information on how creditors determine your credit limit; the same guidelines apply to all credit cards — not just Victoria’s Secret credit cards. For more information about credit limits, see our research on how to get a Nordstrom credit limit increase and over-the-limit credit card transactions.