How to Get a Credit One Credit Increase (If You Can’t Wait 6 Months)

Man calling about credit card

Short Answer

Credit One Bank considers credit limit increases for cardholders about every six months. Factors that contribute to an automatic Credit One credit limit increase are your payment history with the bank and your income. If you don’t automatically receive an increase, you can request one by calling Credit One at (877) 825-3242. For more information on how to get a Credit One credit line increase, see below.

How to Get a Credit One Credit Increase

Initial approval limits for a Credit One credit card range from $300 to $2,500, depending on your credit history and income level. After the line of credit has been active for about six months, the bank may offer an automatic credit limit increase. If you do not receive an automatic increase, you can request one by contacting Credit One Bank.

Credit One representatives recommend that you request a credit limit increase over the phone by calling (877) 825-3242. Decisions are usually immediate. If you are approved for an increase, the additional credit is often available the same day.

When You Can Apply for a Credit Line Increase

Your Credit One credit card must be open and active for at least six months before you can be considered for a credit limit increase. This is to allow you time to build a payment history with the bank.

If you are approved for an increase but do not get as high of an increase as you’d like, you can request another increase in six months. If you are not get approved for an increase, you’ll need to wait six months before trying again.

What Affects the Decision?

Credit One representatives told us that the two big factors the bank looks at when considering a credit increase are your payment history with the bank and your income. Even if you have a solid payment history, you are less likely to be approved if you have not had an increase in your income. For increases, Credit One does not run another credit check — that means requesting a credit limit increase won’t affect your credit score. For more details on when credit card companies report to the credit bureaus, see our related article.

Credit Line Increase Amounts

Your credit line increase amount is systematically generated based on your payment history and income, Credit One customer service representatives said. While increase amounts vary, the representatives said increases are typically between $150 and $300.


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