Minimum Credit Score & Qualifications for Nissan Financing Explained

Closeup of a Nissan logo on a red Nissan car that was financed.

Nissan financing… bad credit… do they coexist? Credit requirements for financing a Nissan vary by individual franchise location. Although there’s no companywide minimum credit score requirement, the better your credit score, the lower your monthly payments will be. For more details on financing a Nissan, see below.

Minimum Credit Score Needed for Nissan Financing

Because Nissan dealerships are individually owned and operated, there is no companywide minimum credit score or easy algorithm by which to determine your approval odds or required payments to finance a Nissan. You can, however, play around with Nissan’s payment calculator tool to get a rough idea of your potential monthly lease or financing costs based on your approximate credit score and chosen vehicle.

When applying for financing at your local Nissan dealership, the companywill assess your credit history, along with your overall financial status, in order to see if you qualify for a loan. Your monthly car payment will be calculated based on your credit score and several other factors, including your location and the vehicle you’re interested in. The better your credit history, the lower your monthly payments and interest rate will be, a Nissan corporate customer service representative said.

Keep in mind, many Nissan dealerships have financing options available for buyers with bad or nonexistent credit. For example, Fiesta Nissan in Santa Fe, N.M., provides financing “for drivers of all credit scores,” including those dealing with bankruptcy, repossession, foreclosures, late or missed payments, and high debt-to-income ratios.

Ways to Lower Your Monthly Cost of a Nissan

If you have bad credit and you’re worried about paying higher monthly payments and interest rates, we have a few suggestions for ways to lower the cost of a Nissan (or any vehicle purchase):

Trade In Your Old Vehicle

If your current vehicle is in decent shape, you can offset the down payment on your new car by trading in your old car. Get an estimate of your car’s worth by consulting Kelley Blue Book or another trusted car valuation resource.

Buy Used

Although there are perks to owning a brand new vehicle, you lose an estimated 10% of the purchase cost to depreciation as soon as you drive it off the lot, according to CARFAX. Most Nissan dealerships carry certified pre-owned vehicles, which cost less overall and come with certain warranties.

Grab a Special Deal

Many car dealers, including Nissan locations, offer special deals for holidays or specific demographics. For example, Fiesta Nissan of Santa Fe offers special pricing for college grads and military service members, and most dealerships have sales on shopping weekends like Memorial Day.

In Summary

There is no certain credit score needed for Nissan Financing. Nissan does not specify a companywide minimum credit score to finance a vehicle. Dealerships are independently owned and operated, and some advertise that they will work with buyers with bad credit. To save on your new car purchase, consider trading in your old vehicle, buying a used car, and/or waiting for a special promotion. Wondering how much you should spend on a car? See our article with guidelines and tips for buying a car.


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