Cub Foods’ Money Order Policy: Fees, Limits, etc Explained

Cub Foods logo on the side of a building

Can you get a Cub Foods money order? You can purchase a money order at Cub Foods, but you can’t cash them there. Cub Foods is a supermarket chain with more than 75 store locations in Minnesota and Illinois.

Cub Foods’ Money Order Policy

Cub Foods, a supermarket chain in Minnesota and Illinois, sells money orders, as confirmed by calls to several Cub Foods locations. You can purchase MoneyGram money orders from Cub Foods in amounts up to $1,000 for a $0.79 fee per money order. You can purchase a maximum of $3,000 in money orders per day, and Cub Foods accepts cash as payment. Money services policies may vary by store, so contact your nearest Cub Foods for specifics.

Cub Foods does not cash money orders, customer service representatives said. As with other grocery stores, gas stations, and similar retailers, Cubs Foods simply does not keep enough cash on hand to meet the demands of cashing money orders in-store. For the list of places to cash a money order, see our article: Where Can I Cash a Money Order?

In Summary

You can purchase money orders valued up to $1,000 at Cub Foods, but you can’t cash money orders at the supermarket chain’s store locations. For more on where to buy money orders, see our articles about where to buy a money order and where to cash a money order.


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