9 Currency Exchange Options Open on Sundays

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Whether you’re getting ready for an international trip and need to exchange U.S. dollars into a foreign currency or you have money left over from your trip abroad that you want to change back to dollars, it’s important to know where to find a currency exchange open on Sunday.

The options for exchanging currency on a Sunday are fairly limited, but there are a few.

Banks That Exchange Currency on Sundays

Locally, you won’t have much luck getting foreign currency at a bank on a Sunday.

Even on a weekday, banks often have to order foreign currency, which typically takes two days to arrive at local branches; however, there are some branches that are open on Sundays, and they might have your currency in stock.

Exchanging foreign money into USD is generally an easier process since banks have no shortage of U.S. currency.

Citizens Bank logo

1. Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank offers more than 70 major currencies for banknote purchases and sales at any of their branches. Select grocery store branches are open on Sundays.

TD Bank logo

2. TD Bank (East Coast)

TD Bank has approximately 1,300 locations along the east coast, and the branches offer more than 75 currencies. They’ll also help you exchange foreign currency into U.S. dollars, on the spot, at any location.

  • Sunday hours: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Exchanges into USD? Yes
  • Exchanges out of USD? Yes. Inventory includes the Canadian Dollar, European Union Euro, and the United Kingdom Pound. For other currencies, order in-person at a local branch, and pick up within two days.
  • Can you order currency online? No — you must do it in person, at a branch.
  • Find out more or find a TD Bank

Academy Bank logo

3. Academy Bank (Walmart Locations)

Academy Bank facilities are located at select Walmart locations. Certain branches will exchange foreign currency for American dollars, though it is at their discretion since each branch operates independently. To see if the Academy Bank near you offers this service, you can use the location finder below and call to verify.

  • Sunday hours: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Walmart locations only)
  • Exchanges into USD? Yes, at the discretion of the individual branch, and for current customers only.
  • Exchanges out of USD? No
  • Can you order currency online? No
  • Find out more or find an Academy Bank Walmart location

Fifth Third Bank logo

4. Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank’s Kroger branches are open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays, and these branches buy and sell foreign currency.

Currency Exchange Businesses Open on Sundays

Besides banks, there are various foreign currency exchange businesses with locations across the United States that allow you to either exchange foreign currency for U.S. dollars or order the currency of another country.

Unfortunately, the number of U.S. currency exchange businesses that are open on Sundays is limited.

CXI logo


CXI offers competitive exchange rates for more than 80 foreign currencies and satisfies a walk-up demand for major foreign currencies.

ATMs That Exchange Currency on Sundays

ATMs within the United States don’t stock foreign currency.

However, if you’re traveling abroad, you can receive foreign currency via an ATM at a major bank at your destination.

Call your bank ahead of time, or look online, to see where you can withdraw money without paying a transaction fee.

Even if the bank at your destination charges a withdrawal fee of a few dollars (which is common), you’ll still get a good exchange rate.

Airports That Exchange Currency on Sundays

Most airports have currency exchange kiosks that are open on Sundays.

If you’re taking a red-eye flight, however, the kiosks may not all be open in the middle of the night.

These kiosks often have long lines, and the automated ones can occasionally go out of service. So, while they’re readily available at major international airports, it’s best not to rely on them if you can help it.

Below are a few things to consider when exchanging money at an airport:

  • The companies that run airport currency exchange kiosks know that their customers are in a bind; therefore, they usually offer less favorable exchange rates and charge higher fees than a bank would.
  • Although you may see currency exchange kiosks offering “zero fees,” be cautious, since they are most likely compensating for this by offering very poor exchange rates or adding “service charges” that are fees in all but name.

Hotels That Exchange Currency on Sundays

Like airports, hotels should be one of your last resorts for exchanging currency on a Sunday.

Although it may be convenient, hotels tend to charge steep transaction fees and offer poor exchange rates.

Still, you can rely on most hotels to be able to exchange currency on a Sunday if you’re in a pinch.

What About Traveler’s Checks?

Traveler’s checks were used before ATMs became popular as a convenient and safe way to spend money abroad. Many smaller vendors no longer accept them.

Although your local bank branch may be open on Sundays, traveler’s checks might not be the right solution to your currency exchange problem.

For example, traveler’s checks are only useful if you’re looking to spend money in a foreign country — not if you have the foreign currency you need to convert into USD.

However, depending on your particular travel plans, traveler’s checks may be a good option for you.

How Do Traveler’s Checks Work?

To get a traveler’s check, go to your local bank, AAA office, or American Express office.

You’ll purchase the traveler’s check in person and pay a small fee, which is typically 1% to 3% of the total purchase amount. Your bank may not charge a fee if you’re a customer.

Once you get to your destination, you’ll either exchange the check for cash at a currency exchange business or bank or use the traveler’s check to pay a merchant who accepts it as payment.

Benefits of Traveler’s Checks

  • You can cash traveler’s checks at banks and currency exchange businesses. Some merchants will even accept them as payments and give you cash back.
  • If you can get to your hotel without cash but you’re uncertain about the availability of ATMs or local banks, you may be able to cash a traveler’s check into the local currency at your hotel.
  • Unlike cash, traveler’s checks are replaceable if lost or stolen.
  • They help you stick to a budget on your trip.

Disadvantages of Traveler’s Checks

  • Not all vendors accept them.
  • You’ll have to pay a transaction fee when you purchase them — this is typically between 1% and 3%.

Where to Exchange Currency on a Saturday

Besides CXI branches, the following banks offer currency exchange on Saturdays:

1. Bank of America

Customers with Bank of America checking and savings accounts can order foreign currency online. Customers with credit cards only can order currency at a financial center.

  • Saturday hours: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at select branches only
  • Exchanges into USD? Yes
  • Exchanges out of USD? Yes
  • Can you order currency online? Yes, only for customers who have checking and savings accounts.
  • Find a Bank of America

2. Chase

A select number of Chase Bank branches offer foreign currency exchange to customers and are also open Saturdays.

  • Saturday hours: Vary (select branches only)
  • Exchanges into USD? Yes
  • Exchanges out of USD? Yes
  • Can you order currency online? No
  • Find a Chase Bank

3. Citibank

Citibank allows current customers to exchange currency at their local branch or by ordering over the phone.

  • Saturday hours: Vary (select branches only)
  • Exchanges into USD? Yes
  • Exchanges out of USD? Yes
  • Can you order currency online? No
  • Find a Citibank

4. First National Bank

First National Bank offers foreign currency exchange at select locations in Iowa and Nebraska only. Some currencies are available for immediate purchase, while others have to be ordered and typically arrive at the branch for pickup after one to three business days.

  • Saturday hours: Select branches only. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Exchanges into USD? Yes
  • Exchanges out of USD? Yes
  • Can you order currency online? No
  • Find a First National Bank

5. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo sells currency to customers with a checking or savings account. Credit cards are not accepted for these transactions; customers must pay in cash. Foreign currency is available for over 100 countries, with over 70 currencies available through the online order site.

  • Saturday hours: Vary (select branches only)
  • Exchanges into USD? Yes
  • Exchanges out of USD? Yes
  • Can you order currency online? Yes
  • Find a Wells Fargo

For more information on currency and coin exchanges, see our article about currency exchange places near you.


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