Does CVS Make Keys? CVS’ Key Copy Policy Explained

CVS Pharmacy sign

CVS Pharmacy does not offer any type of key duplication services. There are other retailers that make keys, however, including Walmart and Meijer. For the details of CVS’ policy and information about other places where you can get keys made, see below.

Does CVS Make Keys?

CVS Pharmacy store locations do not have machines or equipment to duplicate keys. We reached out to CVS’ corporate customer service line, as well as store associates at several CVS locations, to confirm that CVS does not offer key duplication services.

However, it should be noted that the associates we spoke to were helpful in answering questions and most of them offered alternate places to get a key made nearby. A few options include Walmart and Meijer — both of which have Minute Key kiosks. Minute Key specializes in home, office, and padlock keys. For the list of places that make car keys, see our article: Where Can I Get a Car Key Made? Here Are the Places to Choose From. To learn more about where you can get any type of key made, see our article: Places to Get Keys Made (Walmart, Lowe’s, etc).


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