Direct Sales Pet Companies: pawTree, For Tails Only, & More Compared

Woman shopping from a direct sales pet company online while holding her dog

Direct sales pet companies can help turn your love of animals into cash. Some of those available are pawTree, Life’s Abundance, TopDawg Pet Supply, For Tails Only, and NéVetica. We compare your options below.

How Direct Sales Companies Work

Direct sales, or multi-level marketing (MLM), companies generally work by having a network of distributors on multiple levels that sell certain products. For example, let’s say you start selling a product and recruit others to join your team to sell the same product. This would place you at the top and the people you recruited on the second level. If the people you recruited get others to join the team, the new members will be on the third level, and so on.

In addition to earning a commission on your own product sales, you’ll earn a commission on your team members’ and their team members’ sales. In this setup, if you become a distributor in the early years of a company’s success, you’re more likely to be on one of the higher levels — and make more money.

Be warned: MLM is not a get-rich-quick venture. In fact, according to Jon Taylor of the Consumer Awareness Institute, “without full-time and long-sustained effort, MLM participants cannot build and maintain a large enough downline to meet expenses, and therefore do not profit.” Consequently, it’s important to consider the time and effort needed before you sign up with a direct sales company.

The List

There aren’t very many MLM companies that specialize in pet products, but we’ve identified the following as five legitimate direct sales companies that sell pet supplies.

pawTree logo


  • What it sells: Healthy food for dogs and cats, as well as other products for dogs and cats.
  • Seller program: pawTree’s sellers are called petPros. As a petPro, you are encouraged to share via social media and word of mouth how pawTree’s food is superior to other brands and how your dog or cat is benefiting from the food.
  • Start-up costs: You can sign up to become a petPro for as little as $25, according to pawTree’s website.
  • Compensation details: As a petPro, you will earn a percentage of product sales, as well as bonuses for signing up new customers, according to pawTree’s compensation plan. You also earn a bonus for signing up other petPros. Ways to advance include selling more products and getting more people to join your team; as you advance, you’ll earn higher percentages on sales and larger bonuses.
  • How to sign up: Register on pawTree’s website.

Lifes Abundance logo

Life’s Abundance

  • What it sells: Dog and cat food formulated by holistic veterinarian Jane Bicks, as well as other products for dogs and cats.
  • Seller program: Life’s Abundance sellers are called Field Representatives or Executive Field Representatives. Once you join, you’ll be given your own e-commerce website, where others can shop or sign up to sell.
  • Start-up costs: It costs $30 to become a Field Representative. In order to become an Executive Field Representative, you have to purchase a Pet Executive Pack, which costs about $250. The Pet Executive Pack contains samples and booklets, plus sales aids and starter kit materials.
  • Compensation details: You will earn a percentage of the sale of each qualified product, as well as bonuses, according to Life’s Abundance compensation plan.
  • How to sign up: Sign up on the Life’s Abundance website, and someone from the company will contact you.

TopDawg logo

TopDawg Pet Supply

  • What it sells: Pet supplies for cats, dogs, birds, fish, and other small animals.
  • Seller program: TopDawg Pet Supply will set you up with your own online pet store, where you can sell TopDawg products. You can name your online pet store anything you like.
  • Start-up costs: Depending on the online store you choose, the start-up costs range from $1,500 to $4,900.
  • Compensation details: You will earn the profits from pet supply sales on your website; the amount you earn is the difference between the wholesale price you pay and the retail price your customer pays, which can range from 25% to 45% of each order, according to TopDawg.
  • How to sign up: Enter your information on TopDawg’s website.

For Tails Only logo

For Tails Only (a Youngevity Brand)

  • What it sells: Healthy dog and cat treats, as well as other pet products.
  • Seller program: For Tails Only sellers are called Associates or Distributors.
  • Start-up costs: For Tails Only — and its parent company, Youngevity — do not list official start-up costs, but other sites report you can sign up for $51 to $100, depending on the program you choose.
  • Compensation details: You can earn up to 20% commission on product sales, plus bonuses. As you move up, you can earn a car and vacation bonuses, according to Youngevity’s compensation plan.
  • How to sign up: You must be referred by a current Associate or Distributor.

NeVetica logo


  • What it sells: NéVetica is currently in pre-launch; it plans to sell dog and cat nutrition supplements, pet cleaners, and other pet supplies.
  • Seller program: NéVetica sellers are called Distributors.
  • Start-up costs: NéVetica is scheduled to launch in 2018; currently, there are is no start-up information online.
    Compensation details: Unknown. But because this company is pre-launch, getting in now could be quite profitable as you’d be one of the founding members.
  • How to sign up: Sign up on NéVetica’s website.

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