Cedar Point Tickets at Kroger: Prices, Passes Detailed

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Short Answer

 Select Kroger grocery stores sell discount Cedar Point tickets. During our research, we only found one Kroger in Sandusky, Ohio, with discount tickets available. Two-day passes for Cedar Point and Kings Island are available for $65 — the same price you’ll pay for a Combo Coaster ticket online. For more details on discount Cedar Point tickets at Kroger, see below.

Discount Cedar Point Tickets at Kroger

We contacted Kroger grocery stores near Cedar Point and found that only one location sells discount Cedar Point tickets. The Kroger store in Sandusky, Ohio, sells two-day passes to Cedar Point and Kings Island for $65, store associates said. You can find the passes in the gift card section of the store. No additional discounts for students, seniors, or military personnel can be applied.

The two-day passes at Kroger are general admission tickets for children 3 and older and adults. The passes can be used for one day at Cedar Point and one day at Kings Island any time during the current season.

Similar Combo Coaster tickets can be purchased on Cedar Point’s and Kings Island’s website for $65, plus taxes and fees. Daily admission tickets to Cedar Point start at $50, according to Cedar Point’s website. And, daily admission tickets Kings Island start at $48, according to Kings Island’s website.

While other nearby Kroger stores don’t sell Cedar Point tickets, you can get African Safari Wildlife Park tickets at the Kroger in Port Clinton, Ohio, and Toledo Zoo passes at the Kroger in Fremont, Ohio.

In Summary

Not all Kroger grocery stores near Cedar Point sell discount tickets, but the Kroger in Sandusky, Ohio, sells general admission two-day passes to Cedar Point and Kings Island for $65. No other discounts can be applied.

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