Will Discount Tire Mount Tires Purchased Elsewhere? Answered

No matter where you choose to buy your tires, you’ll have to have some sort of auto shop mount them on your car’s wheels. Mounting tires requires specialized tools that most people don’t have access to even if they often work on their own cars. Also, you will need to have your tires balanced which requires other specialized tools.

If you’ve already purchased some tires and are looking for a store that will mount them for you, look no further. Discount Tire, a chain of tire distributors and installers across 29 states, will install your tires for you, regardless of where you got them.

Tire Mounting Service at Discount Tire

Discount Tire has a focus on providing and installing tires at low cost and also offers other tire-related services such as alignments and tire balancing. While Discount Tire is usually competitive on tire prices, online tire shops like Tire Rack often have better deals. But will Discount Tire mount tires purchased elsewhere? Yes. Regardless of where you buy your tires, Discount Tire will typically mount them for you.

The tire mounting service does cost a little bit of money. Typical costs are around $30 per tire, but if bought your tires from Discount Tire the fee is much smaller, usually $10 to $15. Be sure to factor in the extra cost of having tires you’ve bought elsewhere mounted at a Discount Tire before you buy them.

The only time Discount Tire won’t mount your tires is if they show signs of excessive wear to the point that the technicians don’t think they’d be safe to drive on. If this is your problem, though, it’s unlikely that any other reputable shop would install them either.

Plan on waiting at least an hour to have your tires mounted by a shop like Discount Tire. If they’re very busy, it might take longer for the technicians to get to your vehicle, but you can schedule an appointment online (or over the phone). Use the Discount Tire store locator to find a location, and then click “Schedule Appointment.”

Other Shops That Mount Tires Bought Elsewhere

While there may not be a Discount Tire in your area, there are many other shops that will do this for you. While many local mom and pop shops have this equipment, you will need to call them to verify. Other shops available include:

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In Summary

Will Discount Tire mount tires purchased elsewhere? Yes. Other shops offer this service, too, but it’s always a good idea to call ahead to be sure that the shop you want to go to will install your tires for a reasonable price. Tires are extremely important to your safety, so if this worry has kept you from ordering a set of tires online to save some money, you can confidently go ahead and get your tires wherever you can find a great deal.

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