Discount Tire vs Discount Tire Direct: We Compare

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Discount Tire Direct is the mail-order business associated with Discount Tire. Discount Tire has physical locations for shopping and services, and Discount Tire Direct is an online-only retailer.

While Discount Tire locations are able to offer a wider range of services, both businesses offer a large tire selection, a low price guarantee, and a Certificate for Repair, Refund, or Replacement.

Below, we compare Discount Tire and Discount Tire Direct, including information about both companies’ tire selections, prices, warranties, guarantees, and available services.

Discount Tire vs. Discount Tire Direct

Discount Tire and Discount Tire Direct are separate but related businesses; Discount Tire has physical locations that you can visit to make purchases and have your car serviced, but Discount Tire Direct is exclusively an online and mail-order retailer. While Discount Tire Direct has warehouses throughout the United States, it doesn’t have any physical store locations.

Comparison Table

See the table below for a brief comparison of Discount Tire and Discount Tire Direct, then select either store or scroll further for more detailed information.

Company Selection Pricing Services Low Price Guarantees Warranties Return Policies
Discount TireLarge selection;
can special-order if needed
Comparable; can use
Discount Tire Credit Card
Alloy wheel and flat repair, heat cycling, installation, road force balancing, rotation and balance, tire inspection and air pressure checks, TPMS, winter changeover and studding Will match competitor's lower price Certificate for Repair, Refund, or Replacement; free road hazard warranty and manufacturer's warranty Handles returns on a case-by-case basis; no time limit
Discount Tire DirectSlightly larger online selection Comparable; can use
Discount Tire Credit Card
Free mounting and balancing before delivery Will match competitor's lower price Certificate for Repair, Refund, or Replacement Accepts returns for a refund within 30 days of purchase
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Discount Tire


Discount Tire offers a wide selection of tire brands. If it does not have a certain tire in stock, Discount Tire can also typically order it into the store for you. If you see something on the Discount Tire Direct website that you’d rather purchase in-store, you can contact your local Discount Tire store to ask if it can order the item for you, and find out what additional costs may be associated with that process.

You can search by vehicle, size, or brand at


Prices at Discount Tire will vary based on many factors, including tire brand and size. You can also search for tires by price from as low as $50 to greater than $250, and wheels from as low as $125. If you need help financing your new purchase, you can apply for the Discount Tire Credit Card, which is valid at both Discount Tire and Discount Tire Direct. To save even more money, you can also find special promotions and rebates on the Discount Tire website.


Discount Tire offers an array of tire services, though some may not be available at all Discount Tire locations. It is best to find your local Discount Tire store and call to confirm what services it offers, as well as what its prices are for your particular needs. The following services are available through select Discount Tire stores:

    • Alloy wheel repair
    • Flat tire repair
    • Heat cycling
    • Installation (Discount Tire will also mount tires purchased elsewhere)
    • Road force balancing
    • Rotation and balance
    • Tire air pressure checks
    • Tire inspection
    • TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems) services
    • Winter changeover
    • Winter studding

Low-Price Guarantee

Discount Tire will beat any competitor’s lower price with its low price guarantee. This lower cost must include the installed price. You can bring the current, lower advertised price on an identical item to your local Discount Tire store or use the “Found it Lower?” link on the Discount Tire website (under the price of each item) to submit the lower price online.


Discount Tire’s Certificate for Repair, Refund, or Replacement is available whenever you purchase tires; the price varies depending on the tires and can range from under $10 to over $100. The Certificate covers tires that have been in use less than three years from the date of purchase and have failed due to a defect or irreparable road hazard (e.g., nail in the tire, pothole damage, etc.) until they reach a tread depth of 3/32” — the lowest legal tread depth. Discount Tire will issue you a refund for the full purchase price of the tire(s) including sales tax, or it will allow you to purchase the same or comparable tires at the refund price. Find out more in our article about whether or not the Discount Tire Certificate is worth it.

Discount Tire’s tires also come with a free road hazard warranty and manufacturer’s warranty (when applicable).

Return Policy

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can contact Discount Tire to discuss options like possible return, replacement, or refund. See more about Discount Tire’s return policy on the company’s website.

Discount Tire Direct


Discount Tire Direct offers a similar product selection to Discount Tire. Discount Tire Direct customer service representatives also advised us that, due to its large warehouse sizes, Discount Tire Direct sometimes stocks products that Discount Tire stores don’t.

You can search by vehicle, size, or brand at


As with Discount Tire, Discount Tire Direct’s prices will vary based on tire brand and size. You can also filter results by price. As mentioned above, you can use the Discount Tire Credit Card at Discount Tire Direct, and you can check for additional savings at the Discount Tire Direct website.


Discount Tire Direct doesn’t offer a wide range of services; it has a local installer lookup tool on its website that you can use to find a place to get your tires professionally installed. Most of the installers listed are Discount Tire and America’s Tire shops, but there may also be independent, local options, depending on your location. Discount Tire Direct does offer one additional service:

  • Free mounting and balancing on tire and wheel packages. If your order includes wheels, tires, and either valve stems or TPMS sensors, Discount Tire Direct will mount and balance the tires before shipping them to you, at no additional charge. The tires will arrive “ready to bolt and go” — meaning they will be balanced — but you’ll need to install them on the vehicle yourself or visit an installer.

Low-Price Guarantee

Discount Tire Direct also offers to beat any competitor’s lower price; the lower price must include the delivered price. To match a competitor’s price, you can contact the Discount Tire Direct customer service center or use the “Found it Lower?” link that is displayed with each online product listing.


Discount Tire Direct offers the same Certificate program offered by Discount Tire. To use your Certificate, call Discount Tire Direct’s customer service department. Once you are approved, Discount Tire Direct will send you a new tire. If you can’t wait for a new tire to be shipped, you have the option of purchasing one locally and being refunded the cost — just make sure to contact Discount Tire Direct prior to making your purchase. You can find out more at the Discount Tire Direct website.

Return Policies

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may request a refund within 30 days of your purchase date. You must first call Discount Tire Direct to make arrangements for the refund and return. See more about Discount Tire Direct’s return policy.

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