Does 7-Eleven Do Cash Back? Answered

7-Eleven exterior sign

Short Answer

7-Eleven doesn’t have an official cash-back policy, but individual stores typically offer cash back up to $10 per transaction for debit card purchases. The decision to offer cash back is at the discretion of individual store managers.

7-Eleven Cash-Back Policy

7-Eleven doesn’t have a companywide policy for providing customers with cash back — individual stores decide whether or not to offer cash back at point-of-sale transactions.[1]

We contacted a number of 7-Eleven stores, and all stores we contacted said they offer cash back up to $10 per transaction with a debit card purchase (with a maximum of two transactions allowed at one time).

The stores may impose minimum purchase amounts for cash-back transactions, and cash back is not available for credit card or check purchases. If you need more cash, you can visit one of the places on our list of stores that offer the most cash back.

Most 7-Eleven stores also have ATMs located inside, so if you are unable to get cash back at the register (or you can’t get as much cash as you need), you can use your debit card to withdraw cash at the ATM. You can use the 7-Eleven store locator and filter for stores with ATMs to find one near you.

Other Places That Offer Cash Back

If your local 7-Eleven doesn’t offer cash back, there are likely several other places near you that can meet your needs.

In addition to 7-Eleven, a number of other gas stations and convenience stores offer customers the option of getting cash back at the register, including:

  • BP
  • Circle K
  • CVS
  • Rite Aid
  • Shell
  • Sunoco

For even more options, see our lists of gas stations and other stores that give cash back on debit, credit, and check transactions.

  1. 7-Eleven customer service (800) 255-0711[]


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