Does 7-Eleven Do Cash Back? Answered + More Places to Get Cash Back

7-Eleven is a frequent stop for millions of Americans, offering everything from grocery items to tobacco products to snack items for on-the-go. But does 7-Eleven do cash back? Continue on to find out if this national convenience store can also put money back in your pocket when you make a purchase.

Does 7-Eleven Give Cash Back?

7-Eleven does not have an official policy on providing customers with cash back, according to their customer relations department. It is up to the individual stores to determine if they will offer cash back on a POS transaction.

We contacted a number of 7-Eleven stores and found that they all provide cash back of up to $10 per transaction with a debit card purchase, with a maximum of two transactions allowed. If you do need more cash, you  can visit one of these stores that give the most cash back on debit card, credit card, and personal checks.

However, we also found that most 7-Eleven stores have ATMs inside their stores, so if you are unable to get cash back at the register (or get as much cash back as you need), you still have another option available to you.

If 7-Eleven doesn’t meet your cash back needs, there are lots of other options. In addition to 7-Eleven, a number of other gas stations and convenience stores offer customers the option of getting cash back at the register. We’ve created a comprehensive list of gas stations that do cash back (and which ones don’t), along with the cash limits and fees, if any. Besides gas stations and convenience stores, many grocery stores, office supply stores, pharmacies, and superstores may be able to help you. See our list of stores that give cash back on checking, debit, and credit transactions to find out which ones.

In Summary

7-Eleven is among a handful of national gas stations/convenience stores that offer cash back on debit card purchases. The company does not have an official policy on providing cash back, leaving that decision up to the individual stores. All the 7-Eleven stores we called provide cash back up to $10, with a maximum of two transactions, for a total of $20 cash back.