Does 7-Eleven Sell Stamps? Answered + Where to Buy Stamps Elsewhere

7-Eleven is a nationwide brand of convenience stores where you can easily stop for many useful items, including quick and easy food options, a cup of coffee, a lottery ticket, and much more. 7-Eleven stores typically offer stamps and are open on weekends, making it easy to buy stamps whenever you need them. We have included what you need to know about buying stamps at 7-Eleven and other similar stores.

How Many Stamps Should You Buy?

If you’re mailing a normal letter (one ounce or less), you can use either one Forever stamp or one First-Class stamp. If you suspect your letter is more than one ounce, you can have it weighed at any post office. While you can just use two Forever stamps for heavier mail, this isn’t very economical to do repeatedly, because the price for postage increases only $0.21 per additional ounce. If you used two Forever stamps for a two-ounce letter, you would be paying $0.98 for something that should only cost $0.70. “Additional ounce” stamps are available in the USPS online store in denominations of $0.21 so you can get the exact amount of postage you need.

If you need to send a postcard, it costs $0.34. Tip: Here are the places nearby that sell postcards. You can use a Forever stamp or save money by buying exact postage from the post office.

For more information about stamp costs and knowing how much postage you require, check out our article “How Much Is a Stamp? Prices Listed for All Types (In Plain Language).”

7-Eleven Stamp Services

Does 7-Eleven sell stamps? Yes — but only at some locations. Since 7-Eleven is franchised, policies vary by store and not all stores sell stamps.

  • Types of stamps sold: Forever stamps and first-class stamps
    • Note: Forever stamps will always match the current price of one first-class letter. That is, if you bought a Forever stamp for $0.49 in 2017, but the price in 2018 increases to $0.52 per stamp, your Forever stamp is now worth $0.52 in postage. In contrast, first-class stamps have a set value.
  • Amount of stamps sold: Booklets (20 stamps); some locations will sell individual stamps on request.
  • Open on weekends? Yes, both days
  • Find your nearest 7-Eleven.

Don’t need a whole sheet of stamps? Here’s a list of other places that sell single stamps (& envelopes, too!).

Stores Like 7-Eleven That Sell Stamps

Although 7-Eleven can be a convenient place to buy stamps, it’s nice to know what other options are available in case you can’t make it to 7-Eleven. If you’re looking for even more places to buy stamps, check out our article Where to Buy Stamps near Me? We’ve listed over 50 places to buy stamps, how many you can buy, and hours.

In Summary

Can you buy stamps at your neighborhood 7-Eleven? Yes — you can buy First-Class and Forever stamps at most 7-Eleven locations, in books (20 stamps) and sometimes even singles. There are also many other convenient nationwide chains where you can buy stamps, including Circle K, CVS, and QuikTrip. The next time you pull up to a 7-Eleven for a coffee, a newspaper, or a bite to eat, know that you can also get your stamps at the same stop.

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