Does 7-Eleven Sell Stamps? Answered (+ Where Else to Buy Stamps)

Short Answer: Many 7-Eleven stores sell stamps, and its locations are open on weekends, making it easy to buy stamps whenever you need them. At locations that sell stamps, you can typically buy booklets of 20, or you may be able to buy single stamps upon request. Below, we provide information about buying stamps at 7-Eleven and other, similar stores.

7-Eleven Stamp Services

Many, but not all, 7-Eleven stores sell stamps. Since 7-Eleven is franchised, exact policies vary by store.

  • Types of stamps sold: Forever stamps and First-Class stamps
    • Note: Forever stamps will always match the current price of one First-Class stamp. For example, if you bought a Forever stamp for $0.49 in 2017 and still have not used it, the value of the stamp is now worth $0.55 in postage (the current 2020 First-Class price). In contrast, First-Class stamps have a set value at the time of purchase.
  • Stamp quantities sold: Booklets (20 stamps for $11); some locations will sell individual stamps on request
  • Open on weekends? Yes, both Saturdays and Sundays
  • Find a 7-Eleven

If you don’t want to buy an entire booklet of stamps, we list the places that sell single stamps (and envelopes, too).

How Many Stamps Should You Buy?

If you’re mailing a normal letter (one ounce or less), you can use either one Forever stamp or one First-Class stamp. If you suspect your letter weighs more than one ounce, you can have it weighed at any post office. While you can just use two Forever stamps for heavier mail, this isn’t very economical to do repeatedly, because the price for postage increases only $0.15 per additional ounce. If you used two Forever stamps for a two-ounce letter, you would be paying $1.10 for something that should only cost $0.70. “Additional ounce” stamps are available at the USPS online store in denominations of $0.15 so you can get the exact amount of postage you need.

If you need to send a postcard, it costs $0.35. You can use a Forever stamp for a postcard, or you can save money by buying exact postage from the post office. Our related article list the places that sell postcards near you.

For more information about current stamp costs and determining how much postage you require, check out our article on stamp and postage types and prices.

Other Stores That Sell Stamps

Although 7-Eleven can be a convenient place to buy stamps, there are several other options for buying stamps if there are no 7-Eleven locations in your area. Our related article lists places near you that sell stamps, including business hours.