ALDI on EBT, Credit Cards, Checks, Coupons, Gift Cards, & WIC

Exterior of an ALDI grocery store

ALDI is a budget-friendly chain of grocery stores that offers low prices by delivering an efficient shopping experience and a focused selection of staple foods.

Below, we detail the payment methods ALDI accepts, whether it takes coupons, and how it keeps costs low.

What Forms of Payment Does ALDI Accept?

ALDI accepts the following forms of payment:[1][2]

  • Cash
  • Credit cards (American Express, Discover, Visa, Mastercard)
  • Debit cards
  • EBT/SNAP/food stamps
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Gift cards

ALDI doesn’t accept checks;[1] for alternatives, see our list of stores that take checks.

ALDI also does not accept WIC benefits.[1] Federal WIC guidelines only cover particular brand-name items, which ALDI does not sell.

Does ALDI Take Coupons?

Because ALDI primarily sells exclusive store brands and negotiates lower prices on the name-brand products it sells, it does not accept manufacturer coupons.[1]

ALDI doesn’t regularly offer coupons but does have occasional promotions for events such as store grand openings. You must use any coupons before their expiration dates. Where available, ALDI will advertise these savings in-store and in local mailers or newspapers. Note that you may find online coupons that aren’t legitimate; ALDI doesn’t offer online coupons or share them on social media.[1]

How Does ALDI Keep Costs Low?

ALDI keeps costs low by adapting the shopping experience and minimizing overhead costs. Its selection focuses on weekly must-haves, which are shelved in their shipping boxes. ALDI charges for bags (encouraging customers to bring reusable bags) and asks that customers bag their own groceries. It also eliminates the need for cart retrieval by charging a refundable 25-cent cart fee.[3]

Besides selling low-cost items from its own exclusive brands, these measures allow ALDI to maintain smaller stores with less staff and lower operating costs. It passes those savings on to customers.

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