Does Applebee’s Accept Checks? Answered (+ Other Payment Options)

Exterior of an Applebee's restaurant location

Most Applebee’s locations do not accept checks. Applebee’s does not have a companywide policy on checks. The casual dining restaurant chain is made of franchise locations, so independent owners can set accepted payment methods. So while it’s possible that some Applebee’s restaurants may take checks, 100% of the locations we called said they do not. To find out more, see below.

Does Applebee’s Accept Checks?

Applebee’s restaurant locations are independently operated — so some locations may take checks — but most don’t. We called multiple Applebee’s restaurant locations in Arizona, Florida, and New York. 100% of the locations we called said that they do not accept checks as a payment method. All of the locations told us they accept debit cards and credit cards. For a full list of accepted payment methods, you can contact your local Applebee’s.

Applebee’s is a casual dining restaurant chain with more than 1,500 franchise locations in the U.S. While its locations operate independently, some of its companywide policies include a free entree on Veteran’s Day for anyone who can show proof of military service and animal welfare standards like its commitment to an egg supply that’s derived 100% from hens housed in a cage-free environment by 2025. For more on Applebee’s, see our article: Most Popular Curbside Pickup Restaurants + How It Works at Each.

In Summary

Applebee’s restaurants are independently operated. While some Applebee’s locations may take checks as an accepted form of payment, most don’t. For more on restaurants that take checks, see our article: Restaurants That Take Checks (And If They Deliver). Want to pay with Apple Pay instead? Check out our article about if Applebee’s accepts Apple Pay.


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