Does Applebee’s Accept Checks? Answered (+ Other Payment Options)

Exterior of an Applebee's restaurant location

Short Answer

Most Applebee’s locations do not accept checks, but the restaurant doesn’t have a companywide policy on check acceptance. Individual location owners set their accepted payment methods.

Does Applebee’s Accept Checks?

Applebee’s restaurant locations are independently operated — so some locations may take checks — but most don’t.

We called multiple Applebee’s restaurant locations in Arizona, Florida, and New York. All of the locations we called said that they do not accept checks as a payment method.

Instead, all of the locations told us they accept debit cards and credit cards. For a full list of accepted payment methods, you can contact your local Applebee’s.

Our related research also covers whether Applebee’s takes Apple Pay and other restaurants that take checks (plus whether they deliver).


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