Does BI-LO Cash Checks? BI-LO Check Cashing Policy Detailed

Man putting cash in wallet after cashing a check

Does BI-LO Cash Checks? BI-LO will cash a check for you, but there are a few rules you should be aware of. We have the details on the types of checks BI-LO grocery stores will cash.

Does BI-LO Cash Checks?

Yes, BI-LO grocery stores offer check-cashing services, but there are a few stipulations. You can’t cash a personal (or handwritten) check or an insurance check or a traveler’s check, the company told us. And the amount can be no greater than $500. Also, the issuing bank must be located in the same state as the BI-LO store location you’re trying to cash it in. For example, you can’t cash a check from North Alabama Bank at a BI-LO location in Georgia. To cash a check, bring your driver’s license or state ID to your nearest BI-LO location.

For more information on grocery stores that cash checks, see our article: Grocery Stores that Cash Checks: Personal, Payroll, Insurance, etc.

In Summary

You can cash a check at BI-LO, as long as the amount is less than $500 and it’s not a personal, insurance, or traveler’s check.


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