Does Blue Apron accept EBT? Answered + Other Delivery Options

With online grocery shopping and food delivery services becoming more common, some retailers have begun accepting EBT cards as a payment method for their food delivery services. Blue Apron is a popular food delivery service that delivers recipes with the corresponding ingredients right to your door. This is a convenient way for those on the go or those with limited access to grocery stores and farmers markets to get fresh ingredients for cooking. Does Blue Apron accept EBT cards as payment for their delivery services? In this article, we will summarize Blue Apron’s meal delivery service and tell you what you need to know about what payment methods they do and do not accept.

What Can You Buy with an EBT Card?

An Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card is a debit card associated with the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). EBT benefits are distributed at the state level to help low-income Americans buy nutritious food. EBT cards are filled with money each month to buy approved EBT grocery items including milk, cereal, bread, meats, fruits, and vegetables. Almost all traditional grocery stores accept EBT as payment.

Subject to a few exceptions, you can’t use an EBT card to buy hot food or to pay for grocery delivery. In addition, alcohol, cigarettes, vitamins and other supplements, and nonfood items like paper products or pet food are not EBT-eligible items.

Does Blue Apron Accept EBT?

Does Blue Apron accept EBT? No, you can’t use EBT to pay for Blue Apron food or deliveries, but here’s how to use the program and what payment types they do accept.

How Does Blue Apron Work?

Blue Apron is a meal delivery service that delivers recipes and the ingredients needed to cook those recipes right to your home. Blue Apron takes care of a lot of prep work for you, with ingredients arriving pre-measured and pre-portioned. All that’s left for you to do is to follow the recipe and get cooking!

To participate in Blue Apron’s meal delivery service, you need to sign up on their website using your email address and zip code and choose your meal plan. There’s a two person meal plan which includes a weekly delivery of two or three recipes and all ingredients pre-portioned for two people. For larger groups, the family plan is designed for a family of four. If you choose this plan, you’ll receive two to four recipes weekly. Vegetarian options and special dietary preferences can also be accommodated.

Blue Apron meal delivery plans start at $8.99 per serving and vary depending on the plan you choose and the number of recipes you select for your weekly delivery.

Accepted Payment Types for Blue Apron

Unfortunately, Blue Apron does not accept EBT as a form of payment. They also don’t accept cash, check, or PayPal payments. The only payment types accepted by Blue Apron are credit and debit cards.

Grocery Delivery Services That Do Accept EBT

Even though Blue Apron doesn’t accept EBT as a form of payment, there are some online food delivery services that do accept EBT. The USDA has recently launched a pilot program allowing certain retailers to accept EBT as a form of payment for online grocery ordering and delivery services. This pilot program was implemented with the elderly and disabled, who have the most trouble getting out of the house and to a grocery stores.

While several retailers have been approved to participate in this pilot program, only certain retailers are currently participating, with the rest expected to join in sometime in 2018. For more detailed information about this pilot program as well as the list of retailers actively accepting EBT for grocery delivery services, see our article EBT Food Delivery: List of Grocery Stores That Accept EBT for Delivery.

In Summary

Blue Apron is a meal delivery service that brings fresh ingredients right to your door each week. The ingredients are pre-measured and pre-portioned and include new recipes for you to learn. Blue Apron does not accept EBT as a payment method for its meal delivery services. Blue Apron only accept credit or debit cards. What about its competitor HelloFresh? Does HelloFresh accept EBT? We have the answer.

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