Does CarMax Take Trade-Ins? Trade-In Policy Detailed

Short Answer: You can sell or trade in your vehicle at CarMax. On its website, CarMax promises to “buy your car even if you don’t buy ours.” In fact, when it comes to the appraisal process and the offer CarMax makes for your vehicle, there is no price difference if you decide to sell or trade it in. While CarMax won’t give you more (or less) money when you trade in your car, some dealerships will offer a tax credit when you trade in a vehicle and buy a new one. For more details, see below.

Does CarMax Take Trade-Ins?

CarMax will “buy your car even if you don’t buy ours,” according to the company’s website. That means, you can sell or trade in your vehicle at any CarMax location. In fact, the appraisal process and offer CarMax makes for your vehicle will be the same whether you decide to sell or trade in your car for a new one.

We contacted CarMax’s corporate office at (800) 519-1511 and CarMax dealerships in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia to confirm this information. We were told that the “appraisal value is always the same” and that it’s always their “best offer.”

CarMax offers are good for seven days. In order to finalize a sale, you’ll need the vehicle’s title and registration, a valid photo ID, and all of the vehicle’s keys and fobs.

While you won’t get a higher (or lower) price for trading in your car, we did find out that some CarMax dealerships offer a tax credit if you trade in your vehicle for a new one. A CarMax associate at the location in Columbus, Ga., said that when you do a trade-in, the offer on your original vehicle remains the same but “we try to help you with the taxes” on the new purchase. The CarMax in Greenville, N.C. has a similar policy. Tax credits will vary by transaction.

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