Does Costco Develop Film? Disposable Cameras? Photo Services FAQ

A pile of green and yellow film canisters waiting to be developed.

Costco, like most major retailers and membership clubs, no longer develops film or disposable cameras. Costco does, however, allow its members to upload photos digitally and order prints online. For more about Costco’s photo center offerings, see below.

Costco Photo Printing

Costco no longer develops film. We contacted Costco customer service and several Costco stores and discovered that Costco stopped developing film in 2014. This means Costco also doesn’t develop disposable cameras.

You can, however, upload and order digital photos on Note that the retailer used to offer photo printing in stores, but it removed this service from its stores early in 2021.

If you have a Costco membership, you can upload photos from a computer, mobile device, or directly from social media to order prints in several sizes, as well as a variety of photo gifts like calendars, mugs, photo books, greeting cards, and canvas prints.[1] You can order these items online and Costco will deliver them to you, typically in about seven to 14 business days.[1] Prices vary depending on the size of the item — calendars start at around $10, mugs start at $9, photo books start at $20, greeting cards start at $14 for the first set of 50, and canvas prints start just under $30 (unframed).[2]

For more information on Costco photo product and shipping prices, you can see the product pricing and shipping page on the company’s website. Register at Costco Photo Center to find out more and order your prints.

Places That Develop Film and Disposable Cameras

While you can’t get your film or disposable camera developed at Costco, there are still some places that offer this service. For more details, you can check out our related articles on places that develop 35mm film and places that develop disposable camera film.


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