Does Costco Develop Film? Disposable Cameras? Photo Services FAQ

In the digital age, we’ve transitioned from physical materials to digital formats in many spheres of life — including photography. But if you’re still a sucker for film photography, if you found an old roll of undeveloped film, or if you chose to use a disposable camera in lieu of your expensive smartphone on your last hike, where can you get this film developed? Does Costco develop film? 35mm film? Disposable Cameras? Unfortunately, many major chain stores that used to offer on-site film development, including Costco, no longer offer this service.

Does Costco Develop Film?

Costco no longer develops film. We contacted Costco customer service and several Costco stores and discovered that Costco stopped developing film in 2014. That means Costco also doesn’t develop disposable cameras.

You can, however, upload and print digital photos at Costco. When you sign up for a free account at Costco Photo, you can upload your photos from a computer, mobile device or directly from social media to order prints in several sizes. Prints start at $0.17 per print, while enlargements start at $1.79 per print. You can also print posters from photos beginning at $6.99 a print, or order collage prints starting at $1.79 a print. Other digital photo products offered at Costco include photo books, acrylic prints, canvas prints, metal prints, greeting cards, wall decor, and personalized photo gifts.

Among Costco’s digital photo printing products, there are some that you can pick up at the store and others that can be shipped to your home. In most cases both options are available. You can pick up acrylic prints, canvas prints, metal prints, stationery card, magnets, printed mugs or photo books for free, or you can have them shipped — standard shipping will add $5.99 to the cost of each print. Collage prints can be picked up for free as well, while standard shipping starts at $1.99 depending on the size and quantity of the prints. Poster prints can be picked up or shipped starting at $3.99 for standard shipping. You can order a photo DVD and pick it up for free, or pay for shipping, which starts at $1.99 at the standard level. You can pick up regular prints and enlargements for free, or you can also ship it for free with standard shipping.

Calendars, ornaments, photo plaques, and photo throws, can’t be picked up in store, you can only have them shipped. Shipping starts at $5.99. There is no shipping available for 6 x 7½ photo greeting cards or for poster boards. You must pick them up at a Costco. For more information on Costco photo product and shipping prices see Costco’s Product Pricing & Shipping CostsRegister at Costco Photo Center to find out more and order your prints.

Would Walgreens be more convenient? Here’s our article about Walgreens’ Film Developing Policy.

In Summary

Although Costco doesn’t develop 35mm film or disposable cameras, traditional film development is not yet dead. See our articles 35mm Film Developing: Places and Prices Listed (In-Store and Online) and Disposable Camera Developing: Places to Get Film Developed to find out where you can still get your film developed. Only CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart develop film on-site; most national services that offer film development do so through a mailing service. You typically need to mail your film with an order form to the service headquarters; then they’ll develop your film and mail it back.