Does Costco Do Cash Back? Answered

Exterior of a Costco store

Short Answer

Costco offers cash back (up to $60) at its stores, but not at its gas stations. You’ll need to pay with a debit card in order to get cash back.

Does Costco Give Cash Back?

Costco gives cash back at the register for debit card transactions only, customer service representatives told us.

Purchases made with credit cards, checks, gift cards, and Costco cash cards are not eligible to receive cash back.

You can get up to $60 cash back per debit card transaction, and Costco does not charge any additional fees.

Customer service associates explained that the cash back policy is consistent across all Costco locations in the U.S.

To confirm, we called Costco stores in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, and New York. All of the locations we contacted verified that they do up to $60 cash back with debit card purchases only.

Each location also confirmed that Costco does not limit the number of cash back transactions a member can do per day, although your bank may have a limit on the number of cash withdrawals or debit card transactions allowed on your card per day.

Cash back is not an option at Costco gas stations, regardless of payment method. See our list of other gas stations that do cash back.

We also detail which other stores give cash back, plus the stores that give the most cash back.


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