Does Costco install car batteries? Costco sells Interstate brand car batteries in its tires and auto department, but doesn’t install batteries, even if you buy them at Costco. Costco’s auto services are limited to gas and tire services. Batteries aren’t hard to install on your own and don’t require any specialty tools, so if your car can make the trip to Costco and back, you can still consider buying a battery there. If you’re looking for a place that will sell you a battery and install it, Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and NAPA Auto Parts are good alternatives — see below for details.

Car Batteries at Costco

While Costco is a popular place to go for gas (if you’re a member) and most locations offer a tire shop, Costco doesn’t install car batteries. Costco does sell batteries at its locations though, offering batteries from Interstate at competitive prices. So, if your car is running well enough and you’re confident you can install it yourself, go pick one up. Be sure to call your local Costco first to make sure they have the right sized battery for your car.

Interstate batteries from Costco carry a limited warranty, so if your battery dies before the warranty period is up then Costco will replace or refund a portion of your battery’s cost. Costco also carries batteries for vehicles other than cars, like golf carts, boats, motorcycles, and ATVs.

Where Else to Buy and Get Car Batteries Installed

If you don’t want to tackle the battery installation on your own, there are other places that do install car batteries from you. Most will only install batteries purchased at that location, though, so if you’ve found a great deal on a car battery online or through some other means, your only options are to install it yourself or to find a local mechanic. All of these locations will test your current battery at no charge regardless of where it was purchased, and this service carries no obligations, so you can have the test done for free and still decide not to purchase a new one there if you don’t want to.

1. Advance Auto Parts

  • Batteries sold: Advance Auto sells batteries for most makes and models of cars under the brand name AutoCraft. Just show up at any Advance location and an employee will test your battery and then sell you a battery and install it if it turns out your current battery is dead.
  • Find an Advance Auto

2. AutoZone

Please see our article: AutoZone Battery Installation Service FAQs

3. O’Reilly Auto Parts

4. NAPA Auto Parts

  • Batteries sold: NAPA will sell batteries for most makes and models as well under the brand name Legend. Some locations test and install batteries for free. Most NAPA Auto Parts are individually owned and operated, so services aren’t uniform.
  • Find a NAPA Auto Parts

DIY Car Battery Installation

If you prefer buying your battery from a place like Costco that doesn’t offer the installation service, the process of changing a car battery is one of the easiest car repairs to do on your own. For most cars, the battery is in the engine bay (some small cars and some sports cars have the battery in the trunk) and is held down by a clamp. The clamp needs to be removed first and you may need a wrench for this part, but some can be removed by hand.

The battery terminals need to be removed next. Always remove the negative (black) terminal first and be sure not to accidentally touch both terminals of the battery with your wrench. You will need a socket wrench or an open-end/adjustable wrench for this part. Once you have the terminals off, you can remove the old battery, slide the new one in, reinstall the terminals (attach the positive terminal first!) and then reinstall the clamp. The video below is a good illustration of the process. It’s pickup truck specific, but the process is similar for many different cars and trucks:

Some auto parts stores may recommend that you apply conductive grease or corrosion inhibitor to your battery terminals when you install the new battery. These don’t hurt to add to your battery installation process but they usually aren’t necessary.

In Summary

Does Costco install batteries? No. Though there are many other places that will test your current battery and install a new battery for free (provided you buy the new one from them), but you don’t need a professional installer to get a new battery in your car. It’s an easy job to tackle on your own for most cars, as long as you have a few simple tools on hand.

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