Does Costco Sell Amazon Gift Cards? In-Store & Online Availability Solved

Costco Wholesale sign

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Costco does not sell Amazon gift cards online or in stores, a corporate customer service representative said. We contacted Costco store locations in Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin to verify this information. Each of the stores we spoke with confirmed that Amazon gift cards were not sold in stores.

While Costco doesn’t carry Amazon gift cards, the wholesale chain does sell a large assortment of gift cards to other stores, restaurants, hotels, and spas, as well as tickets to shows, attractions, theme parks, and events. Availability can vary by region and individual store location, so it’s best to contact your local Costco ahead of time to ask if a specific gift card is in stock.

Where to Find Amazon Gift Cards

The easiest way to buy Amazon gift cards online is to purchase them directly from Amazon. You can purchase e-gift cards, print-at-home gift cards, or physical gift cards along with a themed gift card container. 

Many retailers also sell Amazon gift cards in-store. For the list of popular stores that sell Amazon gift cards, see our article on third-party retailers that sell Kindle gift cards. As Kindle is owned by Amazon, it’s likely these stores will also have Amazon gift cards in stock.

More Information

If you frequently buy gift cards, see our article for the list of more than 20 stores near you that sell gift cards.


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