Does Cracker Barrel Accept Checks? Answered (+ More Payment Options)

Cracker Barrel sign

Cracker Barrel restaurants do accept checks. A third-party check authorization company decides whether to approve or decline checks to help avoid fraudulent checks. See all the details below.

Does Cracker Barrel Accept Checks?

Yes, all Cracker Barrel Old Country Store restaurant locations accept checks, a company representative said. Cracker Barrel uses the check authorization company Certegy to avoid fraudulent checks. This means Cracker Barrel cashiers have no authority over whether checks are accepted or declined. If Certegy declines your check, you can find out why on Certegy’s website.

To pay by check at a Cracker Barrel location, make the check out to Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. Other accepted payment methods include cash, debit cards, and major credit cards — including American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Diners Club.

In Summary

You can pay with a check at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store restaurants. Checks are verified by a third-party company. For more on restaurants that accept checks, see our article: Restaurants That Take Checks (And If They Deliver): Pizza Hut, etc.


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