Does Cumberland Farms Do Cash Back? Answered

Does Cumberland Farms do cash back? No; you can’t get cash back during checkout at Cumberland Farms, but, if you need cash, all store locations have ATMs on site.

Does Cumberland Farms Do Cash Back?

When you visit one of the nearly 600 Cumberland Farms stores — “the stop that keeps you going” — you can purchase fuel, coffee, sandwiches, hot food items, and more, but you won’t be able to get cash back during checkout. Cumberland Farms convenience stores do not offer cash back at any of its store locations, which are primarily located in New York, New England, and Florida. However, there should be an ATM located inside each store, according to customer service.

In Summary

You won’t be able to get cash back from a Cumberland Farms cashier, but you can get cash from one of its on-site ATMs.

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