Does CVS Accept CareCredit? Store and Pharmacy Policies Explained

Exterior of a CVS store

CVS does not accept CareCredit at its pharmacies or in its stores. CareCredit is a credit card designed specifically for health and wellness needs. You can only use CareCredit at its contracted providers. For more details on CVS’ CareCredit policy, see below.

Does CVS Accept CareCredit?

CVS does not take CareCredit for prescriptions or any other purchases made in stores or online. CareCredit credit cards are usable at any provider that is contracted with CareCredit to pay for medical procedures, prescriptions, or other health and wellness needs. CVS is not contracted with CareCredit, a corporate customer service representative said.

We performed a search through CareCredit’s provider locator tool, but no CVS pharmacies were listed. We also called CareCredit customer service, where a CareCredit representative confirmed that since CVS does not contract with CareCredit, the credit cards are not accepted at CVS pharmacies or in the retail portion of CVS stores.

For other stores where you can use CareCredit, see our list of CareCredit retailers.

For more information on the payment methods that CVS does accept, see our articles on whether CVS takes checks and the cash back policies for each payment method at CVS.

Though CVS doesn’t accept CareCredit cards, the drug store chain does offer ways to save at its pharmacies and in its retail stores. The CVS ExtraCare card can help you save money through coupons, special offers, and earning 2% back on purchases.

In Summary

CVS does not accept CareCredit credit cards at its pharmacies or in stores. It does offer the CVS ExtraCare rewards card, which can help members save money by giving them access to coupons, special offers, and 2% back on purchases.

To find out about places where CareCredit is accepted, see our articles about using CareCredit at 1-800-Contacts and using CareCredit at Walmart.


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