Does CVS Cash Checks? Does It Take Checks? Answered

Exterior of a CVS pharmacy

You may already love CVS for its in-store pharmacy and host of health, wellness, and personal care items, but can CVS also handle your banking needs by providing check cashing services? And can you pay for your next prescription or in-store purchase with a check?

Read on to find out whether you can cash a check or pay with a check at CVS, as well as stores similar to CVS that cash checks and/or accept checks as a form of payment.

Does CVS Cash Checks?

Does CVS cash checks? No, CVS doesn’t offer any type of check cashing services to customers. Suggested Article: 30+ Grocery Stores That Cash Checks

Does CVS Accept Personal Checks?

According to our communications with the company, CVS accepts personal and business checks as a form of payment for all store items, including prescription medications from its pharmacy. CVS does not, however, accept cashier’s checks as a form of payment. Be prepared to show a valid government photo ID with you when paying by personal or business check.

You cannot get cash back on your transaction when you pay with a check. If you’re looking for a way to get cash and wanted to cash a check at CVS, available alternatives for getting cash are an in store ATM or paying with your debit card and getting cash back over the purchase amount.

Note that some locations do not accept starter checks issued with new bank accounts. Contact your local CVS if you want to be sure they take starter checks.

In Summary

CVS does not cash checks, but it does accept checks as payment for all retail items, as well as prescriptions meds. If you are still looking for a pharmacy where you can also cash a check, see our article Grocery Stores That Cash Checks: Personal, Payroll, Insurance, etc. Most grocery stores also have pharmacies, and are your best bet for getting a check cashed and picking up meds in the same trip — stand alone pharmacies generally don’t cash checks. Or, if you’re open to other options, see our article Check Cashing Place near Me? for a comprehensive list of stores that cash checks.


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