Does CVS Do Cash Back? CVS Cash Back Limit for Each Payment Type

When you need cash back, your first instinct may be to seek out the nearest ATM, but one within your bank’s network might be difficult to find. Luckily, many stores, including CVS, allow you to receive cash back on your transactions. This means that you can enter an amount for more than your purchase total and the cashier will hand you cash for the overwritten amount. While most stores only do this for debit card transactions, some will do it for paper checks, or even with a credit card. Below, we have what you need to know about getting cash back at CVS and similar stores.

Why Get Cash Back at CVS?

Withdrawing cash from an ATM within your bank’s network is either free or very low cost, but finding a conveniently located ATM can be difficult. It might seem convenient to withdraw money from a nearby out-of-network ATM, but the fees are likely not worth the convenience. Is there no fee for getting cash back at a store.

Certain cities have higher than average ATM fees. For instance, Phoenix has the highest average ATM fee at $5.07, while San Francisco has one of the lowest averages at $3.90. While these high ATM fees might not be a problem if you don’t withdraw cash from an ATM often, they can add up over time — especially for something that could be free. The good news is that ATM fees can be avoided altogether by sticking to your bank’s ATM network, or by visiting stores like CVS that will allow you to get cash back on your purchases.

Can You Get Cash Back at CVS with a Debit Card?

Yes, CVS does allow you to get cash back on any purchase with a debit card, customer service associates said. But be aware that CVS has a cash back limit of just $35. If you need more than that, you’ll have to make another transaction or visit a different store.

While you may be able to get cash back more than once, remember that receiving cash back counts toward your debit card’s daily purchase limit, so be careful not to go over your limit to avoid incurring any bank fees. Be mindful of how much money you have available in your checking account. You’re receiving cash back with your debit card, so you can only take out what you have.

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How to Get Cash Back at CVS Using Your Debit Card

Getting cash back at CVS while using your debit card is a pretty straightforward process. If you’re only making a purchase for the purpose of receiving cash back, try to look for a low-cost item or something that you need to buy anyway. That way, you’re not wasting money. Of course, if you’re already shopping for other things at CVS, you can save yourself some time by getting cash back at the same time and saving it for when you might need it. The process will look like this:

  • When it’s time to pay for your purchase, either the cashier will ask you if you would like cash back or the card reader will display the question.
  • Answer yes and choose how much cash you would like to receive. Remember that the CVS cash back limit is $35.
  • The amount of cash back you want will be added to the total of your transaction (i.e. you’ll be charged $26 for your $1 candy bar and $25 cash back).
  • You’ll be asked if the total is correct, so make sure that you get the amount of cash back that you need.
  • After the transaction goes through, you’ll receive your item and the amount of cash that you requested. Be sure to let the cashier know if there are any specific denominations you would like. As long as the register has the requested denominations available, you should be able to get your cash back in whatever type of bills you prefer.
  • Remember that you will be debited for the full amount of the transaction.

Can You Get Cash Back at CVS with a Credit Card?

No, CVS does not allow cash back when paying with a credit card, according to customer service representatives. It’s relatively rare to be able to get cash back with a credit card.

One of the only credit cards that allow customers to receive cash back is the Discover Card. When you pay with Discover Card, the cash back prompt will appear on the card swipe machine just as if you were paying with a debit card.

Note that Discover Card allows you to receive up to $120 cash back every 24 hours with no monthly limit. However, many stores impose their own cash back limit that is likely less than Discover’s maximum.

Can You Get Cash Back at CVS with a Check?

You can’t get cash back when paying with a check at CVS. This policy is in place as a way to prevent fraud, since processing paper checks take longer than electronic payments, which are processed almost immediately. With the convenience of debit cards, most stores no longer accept paper checks as a form of payment. If a store does accept checks, you’ll have to ask the cashier if you can get cash back when paying with a check before you write down the amount.

Other Stores That Offer Cash Back

In addition to CVS, there are a number of stores that offer cash back. Grocery stores, drugstores, superstores like Walmart, and even the U.S. Post Office are places that typically offer cash back. If the store does offer cash back on debit card or credit card transactions, then the method will be the same as CVS. If the store allows cash back with a check, you just need to add the desired amount of cash back to the amount of your purchase, then write your check for that amount.

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In Summary

CVS is one of many stores that allows you to receive cash back at no additional fees. At CVS, customers can get cash back with a debit card purchase, but not with a credit card purchase or personal check. Even if you find yourself in an emergency and need cash immediately, take the time to see if one of these stores is nearby instead of running for the nearest ATM. Getting cash back for your purchases is a great way to avoid rising ATM fees.


  • Hi I frequent CVS often all my 9 scripts are there, I go there 2 to 4x a month easy, and I have used my debit card and gotten cash back. It’s easy as 123 Now here comes the big Cahoona Question. I got a CVS Gift card from a friend for 98.00 will you give cash back on those. I would hope so its to our store. I will most likely use a lot of it buying things, I never get out of there without shopping, but can I get some cash back? Thanks Terri LGranada Hills Balboa and Devonshire Baby Everyone there knows me…

    • Rebecca Turley says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Terri,

      Good question! Unfortunately, you cannot receive cash back from a CVS gift card.

  • Stacey Sexton says:

    Do it mean you enter any amount of cash back money.example 220$..if i need it..please responsed

    • Hillary M. Miller says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Stacey,

      CVS has a cash back limit of $35. This is the maximum amount of cash you can receive by running a cash back transaction at a CVS store. Many other stores, like Walgreens, Walmart, etc., typically have cash back limits as high as $100. For an amount over that, you’ll generally need to go to a bank branch or an ATM (or run multiple transactions at the same store). I hope this helps!

  • dem lo xo says:

    In addition to CVS, there are a number of stores that offer cash back. Grocery stores, drugstores, superstores like Walmart,